Three top theme park rides for families at Fantasy Island

Three top theme park rides for families at Fantasy Island 1024 681 Fantasy Island

Three top theme park rides for families at Fantasy Island

21st January 2019

If you’re a parent to a handful of teenagers, you know that they will head straight for the most stomach-churning rides and the most thrilling theme park experiences. If you’ve also got young children, though, you might be concerned that a day out filled with rides and roller coasters aren’t quite suited to them.

The prime reason that Fantasy Island is one of the best funfairs in England, however, is because it caters for a wide range of family needs. Here are a few of our best suggestions for entertaining youngsters:

1. The Balloon Ride

For some whimsical magic during the holidays, opt to take your children on a daring, but gentle journey into the air with our enchanting Balloon Ride. Kids can imagine that they’re taking off like a real hot air balloon in this well-designed ride.

Never too high or too frightening, the colourful airships are perfectly suited to enthrall your young ones while ensuring that they feel safe and secure. Parents with offspring under 1.2 meters tall can accompany their family to make sure that they are introduced to the theme park attractions gradually.

2. Jungle Adventure

For fans of wildlife and the great outdoors, this mesmerizing adventure is the perfect stop during your trip to Fantasy Island. Your children can pretend that they are actually riding a zebra on their own, which provides both a sense of independence and fun.

The Jungle Adventure is specifically designed to go at a leisurely pace, so you never have to worry about the ride being too fast or volatile. You can’t go wrong with this immersive experience!

3. The Jets

No trip to Fantasy Island with your family is complete without a visit to this interactive flying experience! Your children can pretend that they are airline pilots or controlling fighter jets.

With this ride, you watch from the sidelines rather than joining your children on the aircraft, so it’s the perfect way to give them some free reign to have fun.

Fantasy Island is one of the most accommodating days out in Lincolnshire, ensuring that you can entertain all of your family with a thrilling adventure without ever compromising on safety.