Tips for a successful family day out at Fantasy Island

Tips for a successful family day out at Fantasy Island 1024 544 Fantasy Island

Tips for a successful family day out at Fantasy Island

If you are taking the family to Fantasy Island for a day out, great choice! Fantasy Island is an awesome place for a day out for all ages, especially children. Here are some tips to ensure a great day out for everybody.

Go through the list of rides ahead of time

Planning is key. We have a full list of our rides on our Fantasy Island website, so go through this list with everybody and make sure that everyone chooses a ride that they definitely want to go on. Write these down, so you have evidence if they change their mind! Then, when you are at Fantasy Island, make sure that you go on everybody’s favourite’ ride. This should avoid any tantrums!

Make sure that you, the parents, also go on your favourite ride!

The family day out should be fun for everybody – so make sure that you go on your favourite ride as well! Whether you want to try the Rhombus Rocket, or are keen to cool down on the Log Flume, find some time to fit it in – even if you go on it alone.

Arrive early in the day

Fantasy Island can be busy throughout the day, but if you arrive early, you should be able to enjoy shorter queues. Try to get there as soon as the gates open – this way, you’ll spend less time queuing and more time on rides! The park may also quieten down later in the day as well. If you have children who are not school age, we recommend visiting on a school day to enjoy a quieter park.

Bring extra money for food

We do have some rather tempting food options for sale at Fantasy Island at good value prices. Our food retailers accept cash and card, so make sure that you have some money set aside for that! You are, of course, welcome to bring your own snacks as well. Either way, make sure that your kids are well-fed – your day at Fantasy Island will be busier than normal, so they will need a little more energy!

Make sure that you pack raingear

We love sunny days at Fantasy Island, but this is the UK after all, and we are no strangers to rain! A lot of our rides can be still enjoyed in the rain, and we have plenty of shelters – but don’t forget your raingear for when you are walking around.