Tips for visiting Fantasy Island in the summer

Tips for visiting Fantasy Island in the summer 1023 872 Fantasy Island

Tips for visiting Fantasy Island in the summer

If you’re looking for day trips in the UK, especially ones in Lincolnshire, you can’t get better than Fantasy Island! Our theme park soars in popularity during the summer months when temperatures occasionally top 30 degrees. If you are visiting Fantasy Island during a particularly hot day, here are our tips.

Pack a reusable water bottle for everybody

You will be walking around a lot during your day trip to Fantasy Island. When this is combined with boiling weather, it means you’ll be sweating a lot, and losing water! To avoid getting dehydrated, pack a reusable bottle for every person in your party – including toddlers. We have plenty of drinking water points dotted around the park, so you can fill your bottle up easily. Of course, we also have water for sale – while we encourage you to refill bottles for environmental reasons, if you don’t have any water and it is hot, please purchase some from our vendors.

Have regular snack breaks

We sell lots of food at Fantasy Island, including ice creams in the warmer months. Make sure that you factor in regular snack breaks to keep everyone’s energy up!

Don’t forget hats and suncream!

There is some shelter at Fantasy Island, especially in places where the queues are often long, but while you are walking around the park and on the rides themselves you may be in direct sunlight. Make sure that everybody who you are with has suncream – we recommend factor 50 – and has a sunhat, ideally with a neck shade on the back.

Visit during the evening

On Wednesdays in the summertime, we stay open until late, so people can enjoy the long evenings and cooler weather as we go past midday. If you find daytimes too hot, visit us on a Wednesday afternoon and stay to enjoy all of the rides until the doors close in the evening!

Visit the beach as well

Summer’s always better when you’re by the beach! One of the best things about our lovely funfair is that it is incredibly close to Skegness beach. You’ll be able to visit Skegness easily before or after the park – whether that’s to enjoy a fish and chip dinner or to go for a swim in the sea.

Summer is undoubtedly the best time to visit Fantasy Island. The weather is generally good, the days are bright, and everyone is in a fun, holiday mood. If you follow these tips, you’ll have a fantastic time visiting Fantasy Island.