Top rides little ones can enjoy at Fantasy Island

Top rides little ones can enjoy at Fantasy Island 1500 1000 Fantasy Island

Top rides little ones can enjoy at Fantasy Island

As summer approaches and families begin to plan trips to funfairs in England, Fantasy Island is proud to continue to offer amusements and rides for children of all ages and sizes. It can be hard for little ones to watch their older siblings on attractions they are too small to ride, but at Fantasy Island, they will be kept smiling and entertained on some of our smaller, child-friendly rides.

So, which are some of Fantasy Island’s best rides for little ones?

1. Log flume

Prepare to get splashed! The log flume is a fun ride for all the family, though children under 1.4 metres must ride with an adult. Enjoy the exhilarating twists and turns of the ride before plunging into the water to a chorus of giggles and excited squeals.

2. Jellikins ride

All aboard the jelly train! Let your children experience the jelly world like never before. With a host of colourful characters, your little one can enjoy the small rollercoaster ride with Denny, Strum, Pepper and Coral!

3. Rhombus rocket

Treat your little ones to a ride they will remember on this rocket-powered train! Become a member of Captain Rhombus’ crew and view the entire Fantasy Island park from up-high. This is a ride all the family will enjoy, children must be 1 metre and between 1 metre and 1.2 metres must accompanied by an adult.

Enjoy all the above rides with an adventurer wristband

Purchasing an adventurer wristband for your little one will give them access to all the rides mentioned above and so much more! With their own wristband, they won’t feel left out and will have as much fun as the big kids. Have an older child in your family? The discovery wristband may be perfect for them, check out all the deals and wristbands we offer here.

With rides suitable for all members of the family, Fantasy Island is truly the perfect summer day out. For more information about any rides or attractions, do not hesitate to contact us today, a friendly member of our team would love to answer any questions you may have.