Fantasy Island – Value for money holidaymaking

Fantasy Island – Value for money holidaymaking 1026 575 Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island – Value for money holidaymaking

Year upon year, holidaymakers weigh up their options based on a few key factors: weather, travel distance and affordability. Maybe there are those who firmly believe a costly long haul flight to Dubai is the perfect holiday and maybe they are others who love sitting on the Eurostar wondering where that odd smell is coming from. But for thousands upon thousands of people, the choice is simple: a Great British Holiday to the Lincolnshire coast.

Long before air travel was possible, the British masses flocked in their droves to Skegness and made memories that cannot be matched. This is still the case today, with this summer being one of the best ever.

But let’s weigh things up, instead of waxing lyrical, and prove outright that Fantasy Island is one of the best value for money holidays available today.


No need to spend on flights, fast boarding passes, extra luggage, in-flight meals, expensive miniatures from the trolley or keepsake models of the Boeing 737. A holiday at Fantasy Island will cost you considerably less in terms of fuel/transport and there are no restrictions on luggage (except the size of your car’s boot!).


Your average 3-star hotel will set you back nearly £120 a night, or the equivalent in Euros on the continent, for a room. One room! Fantasy Island, however, will cost £300 for a week for accommodation to sleep up to six people (current prices at the time of writing) – no contest!


As you are no doubt aware, the Costa del Sol is home to some of the world’s most ‘interesting’ entertainment, but why suffer the flight to see the best acts when you could see them all at Fantasy Island? The nation’s best and brightest acts are right here every summer and let’s not forget that Fantasy Island itself is one of the nation’s most beloved amusement parks! From the Rhombus Rocket to the Jellikins, there’s a ride for everyone – quite literally attractions everywhere you look!

There you have it, conclusive proof that Fantasy Island is the pinnacle of value for money holidaymaking. Anything Benidorm can do, we can do better!