We’ve opened our doors…here’s what to expect this spring!

We’ve opened our doors…here’s what to expect this spring!

We’ve opened our doors…here’s what to expect this spring! 512 384 Fantasy Island

We’ve opened our doors…here’s what to expect this spring!

The clocks have gone forward and brighter days here, there’s no better time to start looking for things to do in Skegness this spring and summer! Fantasy Island has plenty of fun lined up for all the family. What’s more, we’re open again – so as home to one of the best parks in England, we’re looking forward to welcoming you with some fabulous and unique new attractions.

Harrington’s Adventures

If you’re an intrepid explorer, Harrington Flint’s Island Adventures needs you! Harrington invites you to meet him in The Courtyard, where your virtual adventure begins in this unique island-themed game, which has been created especially for Fantasy Island.

You need great bravery and must be able to keep your wits about you to survive Harrington Flint’s latest adventures. Find out if you’ve got what it takes to stop the ancient curse of Xibalba and take part in thrilling shoot-outs in an adventure that will push you to the limits of your endurance.

The Guardian

Fantasy Island is also launching The Guardian. Heroes should get ready for an exciting and challenging quest, as our latest attraction needs courageous knights from across the kingdom to take on the growing darkness enveloping the realm.

Lose yourself in a world where your fate hangs in the balance. Will you be able to survive the adventure? You must – because the kingdom depends on you! Battle a terrifying fire-breathing dragon as it lands in a woodland area and try to avoid its flaming attack as you try to save the realm. This indoor thrill ride will be opening in April, so stay tuned for more updates.

Outdoor attractions

If you’re looking for ideas for day trips in the UK, our outdoor attractions are now open. We’re also bringing some indoor attractions outside for a whole new experience!

Our top rides are gearing up to delight visitors this summer, including Rhombus Rocket, the Log Flume, Millennium Ride, Magic, Fantasy Mouse, Twister, the Jellikins Ride, Techno Jump and the Seaquarium Ride.

Our market is also open, and our holiday bookings will be geared up for business. So, when you’re planning days out in Lincolnshire, Fantasy Island has everything you need for a fabulous family experience, with attractions to suit all age groups.

Indoor attractions

Our indoor attractions will open for business on 17th May, including the arcade and our new thrilling rides’ grand opening.

Here at Fantasy Island, we provide a truly personalised service, where everyone matters, and we want all our visitors to have a fabulous time. When you’re looking for things to do in Skegness, look up Fantasy Island for a uniquely exciting experience.