What are the wellbeing benefits of a trip to Fantasy Island?

What are the wellbeing benefits of a trip to Fantasy Island? 1023 649 Fantasy Island

What are the wellbeing benefits of a trip to Fantasy Island?

UK holidays and trips are an excellent way to get away from the daily grind and enjoy a break at some of the world’s most amazing hidden locations. In 2021, the popularity of UK-based summer holidays is set to increase exponentially, so how can a UK staycation help your mental and emotional wellbeing?

A chance to get away from daily stresses

For many people, life can be stressful. A UK holiday offers a myriad of stress-busting benefits that you wouldn’t experience with a foreign holiday. For decades, Skegness has been a prime destination for UK holidaymakers to unwind during their summer breaks.

The perfect opportunity for family time

UK holidays are a great way to bond with your family and strengthen relationships which can improve your mood and overall wellbeing. Time with your spouse and the kids can create an idyllic bubble that will make you want to stay on holiday indefinitely!

Sea air can boost your happiness

Sea air has been scientifically proven to improve physical and emotional wellbeing. Sea air is rich in oxygen and full of negative ions that make the oxygen more easily absorbed into the blood. Consequently, this can raise your serotonin levels, lifting low moods and mild symptoms of depression. That means that a seaside holiday can actually make you feel simultaneously relaxed and energised.

Improves low moods

If you’ve been experiencing stress or anxiety recently, why not take a look at what a Fantasy Island holiday has to offer? With premium, luxurious accommodation, a stunningly picturesque location and adventure park wristbands included with your stay, you may find that this is exactly what you need to ease those blues.

Gives you the chance of an adventure

When you book a family holiday at Fantasy Island, you not only have access to the beautiful Skegness coast and the refreshing and rejuvenating sea air, you also have an award-winning adventure park on your doorstep. With a multitude of exciting rides that are ideal for thrill-seekers, when you come for a holiday at Fantasy Island, you can satisfy your cravings for adventure, release endorphins and increase your adrenaline levels. Your wellbeing can greatly benefit from indulging in doing something that you love, especially when you have the people that you love along for the ride.

To enquire further or make a booking at our award-winning holiday park, please visit the Fantasy Island Holidays website.

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