What to do on Fantasy Island’s 25th Birthday Party

What to do on Fantasy Island’s 25th Birthday Party 1023 683 Fantasy Island

What to do on Fantasy Island’s 25th Birthday Party

Fantasy Island’s 25th Birthday Party is happening on 16th May, so what better time to visit the park than on the day it opened all those years ago? As one of the many things to do in Skegness, let you and your family have a break from reality and visit Fantasy Island for a fun-filled day out.

The Rides

As one of the most-loved funfairs in England, the rides at Fantasy Island cannot be missed. Dodgems are an all-time favourite when it comes to funfair or theme park rides, so strap yourself into a car, wait for the buzzer then speed off in this fun ride. The Log Flume is perfect for those who want extraordinary height and thrilling speed before plunging into the water below. For those who crave some adrenaline, the Millennium or Rhombus Rocket will fit the bill nicely, with exhilarating speeds and twists and turns taking you all around the park.

The Market

Fantasy Island is proud to say that it’s home to Europe’s largest seven-day market and there’s sure to be something to delight everyone. If you fancy yourself a purse or the kids a new pair of sunglasses, then you won’t be disappointed with many clothing outlets containing designer brands to choose from. The market even has electricals you can buy, from radios to microwaves and all at reasonable prices too!

Family Entertainment Centre

This all-weather Family Entertainment Centre is filled with arcade and skill games for all ages to enjoy. Old-school classics and modern amusements can be found in the activity centre, with some of the most fun games children could wish for.

Food and Drink

After doing so many things around the park, a light bite and putting the feet up seems like a fantastic idea. The Explorer’s Bar and Coffee Shop is perfect if you’re wanting a cool refreshing pint or a warming costa coffee. However, if you’re craving something more of a sweeter nature, then indulge yourself in the many sweet and dessert stalls that are available.

If you wish to know more about Fantasy Island and their 25th birthday, contact them today or visit the website and book your family a fun-filled day out to remember.