What’s in your bag for a visit to Fantasy Island?

What’s in your bag for a visit to Fantasy Island? 993 691 Fantasy Island

What’s in your bag for a visit to Fantasy Island?

Your duties for a day out in Skegness include laughing, shrieking, playing and going home with a camera full of pictures and a head full of memories. Take a look at our ideas of how to rearrange your rucksack for the best day possible.

1. Watch your step!

You’ll be on your feet all day and, whether you’ll be popping on a new pair of flats or tried and tested trainers, put some blister plasters in your bag just in case. And if you turn out to be totally fine you might still be the hero of some else’s story if they were less prepared than you!

2. Make some memories

Smartphone, camera or both? Whatever you choose make sure your batteries are fully charged, there’s plenty of room on your memory card and check that there’s at least one selfie-stick tagging along to capture group shots.

3. Face the facts

In the UK we can’t and don’t let rain interrupt our fun! Unfortunately, we can’t hold back the showers if they choose to fall, but we can ensure we have a tool kit on hand to repair mascara damage and be camera-ready again in minutes! A wipe, mascara, powder compact and lipstick may be all you need to patch up the water runs. If you’re a devotee of the cat-eye don’t forget your liquid liner to sharpen up your flick and if you have a breakout, a dab of concealer might go a long way to helping you feel your best again.

4. Too coiffed to care

Rollercoasters do not care about our blow-out and neither are they careful with your kirby grips so tool-up! If you’re determined to sport the loose and luscious waves you love, we applaud your ambition and recommend a mini-hairbrush, travel-sized hairspray or teeny tub of frizz-taming product for strategic tidy-ups. Up-do? Tuck an extra hair-tie in your bag along with a few spare bobby-pins to restrain stray hairs after an adventure on the big ones.

5. Medical marvels!

Don’t forget any essential medications or supplements you may need. Indigestion or heartburn treatments, inhalers, menthol sweets and hay fever tablets; if you know you’ll need them, bring them!

6. Comfort is king

Are you always the one who shivers even in July? Does squinting in the sun drive you crazy? Can you stand anything except a wet sock? Small luxuries like a pair of gloves, sunglasses and a spare pair of socks won’t make much difference to your bag size but you’ll certainly be glad for an extra touch of comfort at just the right moment.

7. Cash or card?

Whether you’re swapping out your big purse or determined to only bring cash, make sure you’ve thought of everything. Ride photos, souvenirs, lunch, drinks – you don’t want to miss out on anything! It’s always a good idea to have some cash on hand too so you’re prepared whatever happens.

We know that you’ll have a fantastic day at Fantasy Island and our friendly staff are always on hand to help out if you need us. If you’ve forgotten anything just ask our team for advice and we’ll do our absolute best to help you out.

Have a great day!