What’s your favourite Fantasy Island ride?

What’s your favourite Fantasy Island ride? 1292 969 Fantasy Island

What’s your favourite Fantasy Island ride?

It only takes one glance to understand why Fantasy Island is one of the top days out in Lincolnshire. From the Rhombus Rocket – hurtling along the track at top speed, screams of delight from thrill-seekers galore – to the mystical, magical watery world of the Seaquarium or the dizzying Techno Jump, spinning and swooping as you go; the list of things to try at this, the
most exhilarating funfair in England, is (almost) endless. So if you’re planning your list of fun things to do in Skegness , read on…

Choices, choices!

There is so much choice in fact, that it is hard to know where to start, and how to go about planning which rides are best for the smallest tots, to the big kids. So we’ve helped you out: all of the rides at Fantasy Island are categorised according to the height requirements for riders, guaranteeing not just fun, thrills and smiles for all, but a safe and enjoyable experience, no matter your size.

Discovery, Adventurer, Little Explorer – but which one are you?

While the thrills remain limitless, whatever your size, this handy guide will help you to feel confident that you’re lining up the best rides and experiences. We’ve picked some of our favourites, but don’t forget to read all about every ride on the website.

Discovery – suitable for thrillseekers of 1.1m or taller, these are the fastest, most white-knuckle of the rides here at Fantasy Island. They’ll twist, swoop, and thunder along, leaving you screaming with excitement and feeling the ultimate exhilaration. Try The Millennium ride, a 150ft (45m) high, 2736 ft (833m) long test of your nerves that soars around the park at nearly 56mph, careering around two vertical loops and twisting and turning riders through a nerve-shredding sidewinder. This is a ride that is not for the faint-hearted!

Adventurer – suitable for riders of 0.9m or taller, but no less fun! Among the best of the Adventurer rides at Fantasy Island is, without any doubt, the Log flume – a firm family favourite that will leave smiles as wide as your faces: you’ll twist and turn on the way to the top, but remember to hold on tight as the log plunges and the water splashes!

Little Explorer – made especially for the smallest in the family, our Little Explorer rides are all free to enjoy and are made for anyone under 0.9m. We absolutely love the Seaquarium ride – pack your sea-faring legs and prepare to set sail with Captain Rhombus on a mystical journey through his magical Seaquarium. You’ll spot creatures and beasts that are silly as they are amazing, with fabulous fish and crazy crustaceans all set to a wonderful soundtrack. No matter your ride, or your size, we know you will have the most wonderful day at Fantasy Island. So what are you waiting for? Join us for your next day trip in Skegness!