Why 2021 is the year of the staycation

Why 2021 is the year of the staycation 1820 1026 Fantasy Island

Why 2021 is the year of the staycation

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that more beauty can be found in the little things. People have found joy in their home, their local area and a little further afield in their country this year, while travel restrictions have meant that we can’t go abroad. We’re putting ourselves out there and saying that 2021 is the year of the staycation. Here are some reasons why.

Staycations are easier

Staycations are fantastic family holidays because you can just pack up your car – without worrying about weight limits – and drive to your destination! If you have your own caravan at a holiday park, this is even easier – you’re essentially driving to your home away from home, and you’ll know exactly what to expect when you get there. If you have screaming kids in tow, this is much easier than dealing with flights, customs, and immigration. Once you’re at your holiday home, navigating the whole trip will be much easier in your own country than abroad.

We have beautiful beaches too

Our holiday homes in Skegness are close to the beach, which is one of the most popular resorts that the UK has to offer. Either side of Skegness beach, on the Lincolnshire coastline, we also have plenty of stunning quieter beaches, perfect for groups who like to have all the sands to themselves. Many people jet off to the Mediterranean for their summer holidays while forgetting how lovely our beaches are back in the UK.

There’s plenty of culture in the UK

The UK is absolutely brimming with cultural attractions. Near Skegness we have lots of historical places to visit, including the National Trust owned Gunby Hall. From a Skegness base, you’ll easily be able to explore all of the wonderful attractions of Lincolnshire, as well as other spots in the East Midlands and North East UK. Many people go on holiday abroad without seeing the delights of their own country, and going on a staycation – or better yet, purchasing a caravan – will help you do what so many miss out on!

You can do more staycations

If you purchase one of our caravans for sale in Skegness, you’ll be able to visit it multiple times per year. While most families only do one abroad holiday per year, if that, staycations can be done whenever you fancy – even for a long weekend! This is a huge perk to buying a caravan and staycationing for the next few years!