Why a Fantasy Island holiday is a great getaway for couples

Why a Fantasy Island holiday is a great getaway for couples 1025 864 Fantasy Island

Why a Fantasy Island holiday is a great getaway for couples

A couple’s getaway is a romantic opportunity to spend quality time together, share experiences and make memories. Whether you have children but want to take a few days to spend some time alone, or have not yet have started a family, Fantasy Island can be the ideal destination to come and enjoy each other’s company. With comfortable and opulent cabins and a theme park and market right on your doorstep at Fantasy Island, what are you waiting for?

Rediscover your inner child at the theme park

A holiday at Fantasy Island allows you access to the fantastic theme park, meaning that you will get to experience all the rides and attractions that are on offer here. There is nothing that invigorates a relationship like having fun together and rediscovering your inner child. You will feel like a pair of teenagers again as you squeal on the log flume and shriek with laughter in the Rhombus Rocket.

Romantic and secluded accommodation

With a variety of different accommodation options on offer at the resort, you will be able to find the luxurious choice that best suits your needs and requirements. Couples will be thrilled by the spacious accommodation, and, to make life simpler, the cabins come with a television, kitchen equipment and much more. It is the ideal setting for a romantic night together.

Opportunity to make new friends

One of the great things about any couple’s trip is spending time together, but it can also be nice to meet new friends and talk to people from all over the country. A Fantasy Island holiday offers that, especially thanks to some of the summer events that are coming up, such as a tropical beach party at the theme park. At this award-winning holiday park, you will be able to spend a good dose of quality time together and perhaps meet new lifelong friends along the way.

Make everlasting memories

Most importantly, when you choose a Fantasy Island holiday for your getaway with your partner, it offers the opportunity to make memories that will last forever. Whether you have yet to embark on starting a family or whether you’re taking a break from the kids to spend a few days together, your laughter, adventures and experiences at Fantasy Island will be something you can cherish for years to come.

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