Why a trip to the seaside is good for you

Why a trip to the seaside is good for you 512 386 Fantasy Island

Why a trip to the seaside is good for you

Holiday parks by the seaside… it’s the perfect holiday solution! Not only do you get all the family-friendly fun that a holiday park has to offer, but you also get the lovely coastal vibes of the seaside; the fresh sea breeze, the golden sands of the beach, and the nostalgic feeling only a trip to the seaside can give you.

Fantasy Island and Skegness beach is a winning combination. Our award-winning holiday park and Skegness beach enable you to get the best of both worlds and enjoy the thrills of the seaside.

Here are 5 reasons a trip to the seaside is good for you:

1. It’s good for your mental wellbeing

Listening to the rhythmic sound of the ocean can be a bit like meditation and can help to soothe and relax you. Plus, if you’re there in the summer, the sunshine boosts your serotonin levels, making you feel happier, more energised and positive. Can you ever feel bad by the seaside?!

2. You’re exercising without even realising it

Everyone knows that exercising is good for you, and even improves your mental health – it increases endorphins in the brain, which makes you feel more uplifted and alert. Walking along the sand is harder than on a flat surface, using more muscles, and if you go swimming, this can be a great full-body workout.

3. The fresh sea breeze can improve your lung function

Scientists have researched the benefits of sea air and have reported that the negative ion particles in the air actually help you absorb more oxygen, helping to alleviate allergies and improve lung function. No wonder you always feel better when you’re breathing in that coastal air! It’s obviously way cleaner than the polluted air of cities, too.

4. Beach days are great for family bonding

Whether you’re building sandcastles, playing frisbee, riding theme park rides or simply eating ice-cream together, a day out to the beach is a great way to build relationships, bond with your loved ones and enjoy each other’s company.

5. You sleep better

When you mix vitamin D from the sunshine, clean sea air, and the feel-good chemicals in the brain, you’ll find it much easier to fall (and stay) asleep.

There are so many benefits to going on a seaside holiday and staying on the coast – these are just a few of them! That’s why our award-winning holiday park is only a stone’s throw from the beach, so you can benefit from all the goodness of being by the sea while enjoying all our amazing facilities, and even go for a trip to the beach. It truly is the best of both worlds!