Why Fantasy Island is great for entertaining your teens

Why Fantasy Island is great for entertaining your teens 1025 683 Fantasy Island

Why Fantasy Island is great for entertaining your teens

When you have a family, it’s easy to entertain younger children. They are more than happy to spend time with the family and whether you are heading to the zoo or for a day on the beach, they are easily pleased and entertained for hours on end. However, when it comes to teenagers, it can be a different story.

Teens tend to get bored quickly and may not always want to do things together as a family. In fact, you might even struggle to get them out of the home for a day out. However, if you are looking for day trips in the UK to entertain your opinionated teens, you should consider a trip to Fantasy Island. It’s great for a day which will impress and entertain all members of your family. With fun rides, thrilling attractions and plenty of delicious food on offer, it will keep your teen smiling – so why not let them invite a friend along too? They will love trying out all the fun rides with their best mate. If you are looking for things to do in Skegness, here are just a few of the rides at Fantasy Island that teens will absolutely love.

Rhombus Rocket

One of the most fun rides at Fantasy Island, the Rhombus Rocket will certainly impress teenagers. The breathtaking rollercoaster offers you views across the park and beyond. The rocket-powered train sees many teens pay it a visit as they challenge themselves to take on the experience before moving on to the faster-paced rides in the park.

The Millennium

Your teens better hold on tight if they dare to have a go on the Millennium. The high-speed ride will definitely get their blood pumping as they zoom through loops and even a sidewinder at speeds of over 55mph. Your teens will definitely not get bored on this grown-up ride that they will love to go on with their family members and friends alike.

The Log Flume

A traditional favourite, teens just can’t enough of fun water rides. The Log Flume at Fantasy Island allows your teenager to have some soaking good fun as they plunge at high-speed. It’s thrilling, fun and will bring a lot of laughter as they take on the ride.

Techno Jump

Teenagers that love jumpy rides with be in their element on the Techno Jump. The fun ride bounces you up and down at a fast pace. Your teenager will be laughing with delight as they take on the fast ride which is perfect for your adventurer.

With these thrilling rides and more on offer, your teens will be in their element when they visit Fantasy Island.