Why food and drink can make or break your theme park trip

Why food and drink can make or break your theme park trip 1026 684 Fantasy Island

Why food and drink can make or break your theme park trip

It might sound familiar to you; your family day out at a great British theme park is going swimmingly, as you enjoy the rides, the stalls and the excitement. But now it’s time for a bite to eat. The problem is, the queue for the burger van is nearly as long as the most popular ride, and by the time you get to the front, you are rewarded with a soggy sandwich and fries which don’t live up to expectations. Not only have you lost precious minutes of your day, but you also feel a little sick! But not all things to do in Skegness are the same…

Eat what you want

The best theme parks in Skegness know how to offer an enticing food and drink offering with something for everyone. We know that you don’t come to a theme park for the food and drink, but that shouldn’t stop you enjoying a freshly made treat or two. Variety is the spice of life, and with so many eateries to choose from, for once, nobody in the family needs to compromise.

Everybody’s favourites

When we were planning the food and drink offering for Fantasy Island, we found ourselves torn between wanting to design our own food outlets, and bring in some much-loved brands from outside the theme park – so we did both! If you are a fan of the crisp bases and mouthwatering toppings of Papa John’s Pizza, you can find our very own Fantasy Island branch on site. If you are more of a Subway person, you’ll be able to grab your favourite sub between rides, and there are countless other options – including Rooster’s chicken, our Jamaican food stall, Chinese restaurant and much more.

We offer over 40 eateries in total, so wherever you are in the park, you won’t be far from a tasty meal or refreshing pick me up.

Catering for the grown-ups

What with all the thrills and spills on offer at Fantasy Island, from the Log Flume to the Millennium Ride, we know that a day filled with adrenalin rushes can be an exhausting business for the adults – more so than the kids! For this reason, we have made sure that there are cafes and bars around the park, so whether your tipple is a cup of coffee or a pint, we’ve got you covered.