Witches, scares, and pumpkin spice

Witches, scares, and pumpkin spice 700 600 Fantasy Island

Witches, scares, and pumpkin spice


When you consider Halloween, what springs to mind? Dressing up as a skeleton? A carved pumpkin with its innards removed? Watching sinister movies with the lights off? Or perhaps your abiding memory is of you trailing behind your children, watching as they trundle up to the doors of your neighbours in their eternal quest to garner more confectionery than one human should ever be allowed to consume.

However, whatever your predominant thoughts, there’s no denying that Halloween – or All Hallows’ Eve, as it is often referred – is a big deal. While it has been a significant part of many American people’s calendars for decades, it is only in the last ten years or so that it has cemented its position as one of the UK’s most widely anticipated and celebrated occasions.

But what’s all the fuss about?

The roots of it all

It is widely thought that Halloween has its roots in paganism, though it has been adopted by any number of religious cults – particularly Christianity – as a designated period during which it is custom to remember people that are no longer with us.

In some areas that still observe more archaic religious practices, such as Mexico and the southern states of the USA, it is traditional to abstain from eating meat and also to attend church services. However, in most progressive locations, Halloween has become more about bonfires, bobbing for apples, and welcoming in the winter months.

A time for celebration

Whether your reason for celebrating Halloween is to pay homage to the dead, or simply an excuse to drink mulled cider and become a werewolf for the night, it has arguably grown to become the second largest night of celebration in the UK’s collective diary.

And if your idea of the perfect Halloween is having fun with your family, enjoying delicious food and drink, all the while experiencing a few thrills and scares, then the return of Fear Island at Skegness’ world famous Fantasy Island should have you rubbing your hands in glee.

For those of you that consider yourselves brave enough, there will be three bespoke Scare Experiences to enjoy, while the always excellent Circus of Screams will be on hand to provide shocks, skills and spills.

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