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You could work here 1001 1001 Fantasy Island

You could work here

5th December 2018

Want to know what it’s like to work at a fun-filled family attraction? Here, we go into detail on what some of our departments are like to work in, have you ever wanted to work at Fantasy Island? Now’s your chance!

Customer Services Assistances:

The face of the park. The cashiers are our customer service assistants who welcome our visitors with a smile and explain all that they need to know. This role involves working with money and understanding how our point of sale system works in order to give the best value deal to each individual sale. Alongside our Customer Service Assistants, we have Meet & Greeters, they talk to customers, give them information and assist in any enquiries to keep the queue times as short as possible! Joining this department is our merchandise and digital photo sales, brand new for 2019!

Ride Operators:

Experience a different ride every day. This department is all about teamwork and taking care of our customers making sure they are happy and comfortable. The rides give you a big confidence boost as you follow keen training with experienced operators and complete Health & Safety approved training documents before operating each ride, once you’re educated and signed off ready to operate, you can make your ride the best that day, engaging with visitors making it as fun as can be. It is important to enforce height restrictions for safety and follow all trained procedures. Come rain or shine the rides power through, so for those who can smash hardy work this is certainly the department for you!


A very active and social role, the bars serve the finest drinks and have great customer connections. Confidence is key as you follow age restrictions, engage very active work and there’s always good humour working in your team to give the best service you can! It’s a great chance to learn basic skills and customer service whilst gaining a knowledge in drinks and mixers. We have a variety of styled bars across the site, Explorers Bar; a cosy retreat surrounded by soft play and children’s rides, Island Beach; a relaxing beach bar with Reggae chilled music, sand and a pool for the kids to splash around in and The Arcade Bar; a modern electric hub surrounded by the latest games and arcade machines.

For a day of fun, being busy and learning new things; this is the role for you!

Ride Maintenance:

No day is the same on the maintenance team, a learning experience full of opportunities and doing something different every day, from the chance to see breath taking views at the top of our rollercoasters to maintaining the rides and keeping everybody safe. As an engineer you’ll learn the different rides structure, the mechanics and how the ride runs in detail. This requires a completion of daily checks before handing the ride over to the ride operative. As an electrician you learn the programme of the ride and make sure all lights and electricals of the ride are working efficiently. As a team you’ll work closely together to ensure all rides are ready for our visitors to experience!


One of the hardest most important jobs on the park as you work in a team to make sure the park is looking clean and tidy. This role is very important as the customers like to see effort made into keeping the park looking nice and hygienic. This is a great chance to learn a variety of things such as different products, health and safety and the possibility to drive certain machinery. You can really make a difference to the park and its presentation, that is something we take pride in as it’s nice for our customers to feel comfortable and see how hard working our team of cleaners are.


For the gamers and tech fanatics our arcade is the place for you! We have the biggest Family Entertainment centre on the East Coast, full of games and win machines! Your role is to support the customers with any enquiries they may have, ensure all machines are working efficiently, and work as a team to provide the best experience for customers! You’ll get to learn about our i-Card ticket system and how to encourage customers to make the most out of their experience!

If any of these roles or departments seem interesting to you please apply for our 2019 recruitment by clicking on the following link