5 Fear Island attractions you don’t want to miss

5 Fear Island attractions you don’t want to miss 513 321 Fantasy Island

5 Fear Island attractions you don’t want to miss

Fear Island V is an all-consuming event, and this year, Fantasy Island is going above and beyond to make this experience more memorable than ever. Here are 5 attractions unique to the Fear Island V experience that you don’t want to miss this Halloween.

1. Hellhole

Would it be Fear Island without another maze to get through? Whether you’re a seasoned expert at Fear Island’s maze games or a new guest, we guarantee you haven’t experienced anything as daring as the Hellhole.

Your primary senses are put into disarray, with only a glowstick to light your path as you crawl in.

Welcome to the dark side of history, where WW2 soldiers have become biologically modified and now seek your flesh!

2. Killer Villa

We’re all aware of the concept of a murder house. However, we’ve vamped it up this year with what we’re calling the Killer Villa.

Fear Island has extended the much-loved House of Voodoo attraction to incorporate chambers of torment where serial killer Delphine La Laurie is anxiously waiting for your arrival. We leave nothing to the imagination at Fear Island!

3. The Pirates of Fear Island

Looking for something a little more family-friendly? Take a break from the extreme action with this immersive ship experience.

Captain Jackie and her crew will take you onboard The Flying Dutchman and recruit you on their quest to find the lost treasure of Fear Island.

Keep the young ones entertained this Halloween, or climb aboard for a light-hearted experience after (barely) escaping the wrath of Delphine La Laurie!

4. Psycho Vault Death Game

You never want to be surrounded by a bunch of insane psychopaths hungry for blood on Halloween. It’s time to run!

Play a game of cat and mouse through a never-ending labyrinth of hidden vaults. Deep beneath the ground, no one will hear your screams for help!

5. The Haunting 2

We aim to make our Fear Island events as accessible as possible. The Haunting 2 allows us to do just that, with an adventurous ghost hunt inside Gallowgate Castle.

Under the guidance of Doctor Highgate, you and your young ones can experience a lot of thrills, and a few shrills, along the way.

Are you looking for something fun to do for the whole family this Halloween? Experience Fantasy Island as you’ve never seen it before! For more information about booking and prices, contact us at Fantasy Island today.

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