Fear Island V

Fear Island V 514 289 Fantasy Island

Fear Island returns for 2021 with 4 NEW Scare Mazes!

Take part in a haphazard paranormal investigation that goes disastrously wrong in ‘The Haunting 2 – Under Investigation’, descend into the blackout of ‘Hellhole’, play a deadly game of cat and mouse in ‘Psycho Vault – Death Game’ and venture beyond the misty bayou into the murderous mansion of serial killer Delpine La Laurie in ‘Killer Villa’…

Prices and attraction information will be released in the coming weeks.



Hellhole 779 544 Fantasy Island


With only a glowstick to light your path, crawl into the Hellhole and emerge into a dark netherworld where a lost band of WW2 soldiers have been incumbent for over 80 years… Poisoned by a toxic gas, they have become biologically modified – now a hoard of gasmask-clad killing machines who are hungry for meat and feast on flesh!

The Haunting 2 1028 727 Fantasy Island

The Haunting 2

Take part in a haphazard ghost hunt led by the zany Doctor Highgate inside Gallowgate Castle as you investigate the haunting for yourself! Designed with younger guests in mind The Haunting 2 – Under Investigation is a spooky adventure with just a hint of friendly fright!

Psycho Vault Death Game 769 550 Fantasy Island

Psycho Vault Death Game

Enter a labyrinth of vaults hidden deep beneath the ground as you take part in a deadly game of ‘Cat and Mouse’. Serial killer Edward Slice and his murderous band of co-horts are ready to ‘play’, and YOU are their prey inside Psycho Vault 2 – Death Game…

Killer Villa 768 540 Fantasy Island

Killer Villa

Venture beyond the misty bayou and into the murderous mansion of serial killer Delphine La Laurie, in an extended version of The House of Voodoo with all-new chambers of torment. Can you evade the clutches of the New Orleans murderess and escape her Killer Villa?

The Pirates of Fear Island 1028 727 Fantasy Island

The Pirates of Fear Island

Join Captain Jackie and her motley crew of buccaneers aboard their ship The Flying Dutchman in a quest to find the lost treasure of Fear Island! The Pirates of Fear Island is a free interactive stage show for younger guests and celebrates the spooky season with plenty of shiver me timbers!