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What to Expect at Fantasy Island’s Live Entertainment and Bars

What to Expect at Fantasy Island’s Live Entertainment and Bars 1188 891 Fantasy Island
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What to Expect at Fantasy Island’s Live Entertainment and Bars

Fantasy Island near Skegness stands as a beacon of family-centric entertainment, drawing visitors from far and wide to experience our unique offerings. Among our many attractions, one standout feature is the spellbinding world of FREE live entertainment and bars, promising an unforgettable day or night!

Diving into the realm of live entertainment at Fantasy Island unveils a kaleidoscope of performances, ranging from exhilarating tribute performances to side-splitting comedy shows. As visitors, all that’s required is to recline and let the magic unfold.

Captain Jack’s Showbar emerges as a hotspot, raving with energy. A surprise encounter with familiar faces from TV shows like The X Factor adds an extra layer of excitement. Our in-house team and lively party characters cater to the younger audience, ensuring an evening filled with games and bingo.

We also can’t overlook the allure of Castaways, our social hub! This revamped bar, boasting both indoor and outdoor seating, stands resilient in the face of changing weather during our open season.

What Sets Fantasy Island’s Live Entertainment and Bar Experience Apart?

Our live entertainment and bar scene beckon as a must-visit in Skegness, offering a range of options for those in search of fun. It presents a carefully curated selection of drinks to suit diverse palates, creating an atmosphere that caters to everyone’s tastes.

For those contemplating leisurely days out in Skegness or seeking the ideal local spot for hanging out with friends, Fantasy Island stands tall on the list of recommended places to visit. Nestled in Ingoldmells, near Skegness, we don’t merely promise just live entertainment and bar experiences; unfold a world of rides catering to kids of all ages and adults alike. We’re an all-encompassing destination where the thrill of the rides meets the charm of the market.

Why Fantasy Island Resort Should Top Your List

Fantasy Island Resort emerges not merely as a Lincolnshire theme park but as a destination where every corner pulsates with life. Our live entertainment and bars paint a vivid picture of evenings filled with laughter, music, and surprises. Captain Jack’s Showbar becomes a canvas for unforgettable performances, and Castaways stands as a testament to the resort’s adaptability, offering a refuge regardless of the weather.

So, if you find yourself contemplating the perfect day out in Skegness or a venue for bonding with friends, let Fantasy Island Resort be your compass. From the lively beats of Captain Jack’s Showbar to the comforting ambience of Castaways and the eclectic offerings of the market, Fantasy Island ensures an immersive experience that transcends expectations. Step into this realm of wonder, where entertainment knows no bounds and every moment is a celebration.

Our doors will open again in March 2024, so we’ll see you then!