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Best rides for water enthusiasts

Best rides for water enthusiasts 765 554 Fantasy Island
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Best rides for water enthusiasts

If you’re a fan of water rides, then we have a few Skegness attractions at Fantasy Island that you’re bound to love. From the traditional log flume to a more nautical journey, our water-based attractions at Fantasy Island are a must. Let’s take a closer look at the different rides available below.

Take a trip on the log flume

Our log flume ride at Fantasy Island is a thrilling adventure that’s perfect for any water lover. This ride will take you on various twists, turns and inclines before reaching a tall peak. When you reach the top – hold on tight! It’s a big drop down into the water below. You can expect to get a little bit wet on the log flume, so make sure you’ve got a poncho or a spare set of clothes with you.

Explore the Seaquarium

For a more relaxing water-based adventure, look no further than the Seaquarium! You’ll set sail with Captain Rhombus, enjoying a leisurely journey that’s filled with weird, wonderful – and downright silly – sea creatures of all types. You’ll get a chance to see some truly incredible fish and some crazy crustaceans while enjoying a relaxing, musical voyage that’s perfect for all members of the family.

Relax at the Island Beach

If you like the idea of being by the water, but don’t fancy getting wet, then Island Beach is the perfect destination for you. It’s a serene place to kick back, relax and take a break from all the rides. You can enjoy the feeling of sand between your toes while also soaking up some of the entertainment on offer here. There are live performances, bespoke deckchair seating as well as a huge assortment of food and drinks available from The Ranch.

Schedule your water rides carefully

Although you can enjoy these rides and attractions as soon as you arrive at Fantasy Island, it might be a good idea to save them for a little later in the day as you are bound to get wet, especially on the log flume. If you want to avoid walking through Fantasy Island drenched, definitely head here before you set off home!

For more information about any of the rides available at Fantasy Island, check out the rest of our website. If you want to plan out your day before you arrive, there’s a park map available which also shows our seven day market.