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Celebrate The End of The Summer Holidays at Fantasy Island

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Celebrate The End of The Summer Holidays at Fantasy Island

Summer is slowly coming to an end, but the summer holidays have now officially ended. But the fun doesn’t need to end just yet! Fancy a last-minute weekend getaway to make the most of the summer with the kids? A day out in Skegness and a visit to Fantasy Island could be just the ticket. With plenty of fun events held over the summer, like our Fireworks Displays and Island Beach Parties, there are plenty of things to do in Skegness at Fantasy Island.

Get your heart racing on a ride

If you are a thrill-seeker and adrenaline junkie and looking for things to do in Lincolnshire, we’ve got a whole fleet of rides that’ll knock your socks off. Soar through the sky at dizzying heights on The Odyssey which stands at 167ft high, or feel the full force of a volcanic eruption on The Volcano as you’re shot 183ft in the air, travelling at 50mph! We’ve also got The Millennium, a classic roller coaster that’ll have you flying around the park, over two vertical loops and back again – a turbulent time that’s not for the faint-hearted!

Keep your little ones busy before the new school year starts

For the little ones, we’ve got a range of smaller rides that are sure to entertain. The Glowworm, with its rocking and whirling motions, is sure to get a smile on those little faces, while Bizzy Dizzy Bees takes the rider on a journey not unlike that of a very busy bee! Spend a moment in a bug’s life, as you swing and sway inside Cuthbert the Crazy Caterpillar, or take a ride on the Mighty Mantis and be catapulted 20ft in the air, before a splendidly springy descent.

As well as adrenaline-boosting rollercoasters and rides for younger children, we’ve got all your theme park classics. Throw yourself into the splash zone on the wet and wild Log Flume, or take control of the wheel and speed off for a fast and fun ride in our fairground favourite – The Dodgems!

Shop for school supplies

We know that not everyone is crazy about rides and roller coasters, and there’s plenty to do at Fantasy Island for those who aren’t. From March-November, Fantasy Island boasts Europe’s largest 7-day market. With over 320 stores and stalls to explore, Ingoldmells Market has been an attraction of Skegness for decades, and it’s completely free to visit! Be sure to swing by and explore the huge variety of vendors – there’s nothing quite like it!

If you’re looking for things to do in Skegness, then look no further than a visit to Fantasy Island. Aside from our rides, attractions, market and events – we’ve also got plenty of food and drink options for you to indulge in. With over 40 eateries on-site for you to choose from, we’re bound to have something that’ll tickle your tastebuds. We’ve got fast-food classics like Papa John’s, Jamaican Chicken, Chinese and Fish & Chips to choose from, or more sophisticated affairs like The Ranch and the Fantasy Grill, offering up delicious, freshly cooked meals. Got a sweet tooth? We’ve plenty of dessert options to enjoy, like Gino’s ice
cream, fairground doughnuts and much more.

Make the most of the last of the summer sun by taking a trip to see us at Fantasy Island, Skegness.