What to bring to Fear Island?

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What to bring to Fear Island?

With the spookiest time of the year fast approaching, it’s best to get your tickets booked for Fear Island as soon as possible. Found at Fantasy Island, it’s the best place to let your nightmares run free. With goosebump raising games such as Psycho Vault – Death Game, supernatural ghost tours in The Haunting 2, and a mission through the radioactive Hellhole, your visit will be jam-packed with plenty of attractions for the whole family to enjoy. However, as this is an event unique to Fear Island, you want to make sure that you come equipped with everything you need – apart from yourselves – so that you can make this the best trip ever.

Waterproof coats

As we’re in the north of England, right in the middle of October, you should bring a waterproof coat to Fear Island. Just in case the weather decides to defy the forecast and chuck down unexpected rain, it’s best to be prepared. You don’t want to be trudging round Fear Island sopping with rain after all.

An old pair of trainers

We advise that you don’t come to Fear Island with the newest trainers you own. With outdoor events such as the Circus of Screams, it’s best to be on the safe side as you don’t want to leave Fear Island with them caked in mud, etc. We also recommend that the shoes you do wear have an adequate grip on them, you don’t want to trip and fall running away from the scares in any of our rides!


For those who need glasses to watch films, etc. or if your younger children particularly do, we recommend that you bring them to Fear Island. You don’t want to be sat watching interactive shows such as The Pirates of Fear Island squinting and straining your eyes, you’ll ruin the show for yourself! They’ll be easy enough to shove back in their cases if the show gets a little too spooky for your liking!

Small change

We recommend bringing small change with you so that when you and the children need a rest from the scariness of Fear Island, you can sit down comfortably with some food or some drinks to warm you up and catch your breath back.

For more information on what to bring to Fear Island, contact Fantasy Island.

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