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Fulfil your food fantasy at Fantasy Island

Fulfil your food fantasy at Fantasy Island 1200 1600 Fantasy Island
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Fulfil your food fantasy at Fantasy Island

Tucked away on the gorgeous Lincolnshire coast, Fantasy Island is one of the best things to do in Skegness – a place to escape the mundane and step into adventure! If you’re a parent, we’re sure you’ve experienced adventures accompanied by nagging little voices with hungry tummies. But there’s no need to worry at Fantasy Island as there are over 40 eateries to choose from, whether you fancy a quick bite or a tasteful dinner.

Below we highlight some of our favourite food and drinks spots in Fantasy Island…

1. Craving a caffeine boost? Visit The Explorer’s Bar and Café

If you’re drying off in the sun after a ride on the Wild Rapids, adults may be craving a cold pint or delicious Costa coffee at The Explorer’s Bar and Café. Looking after little ones all day can be tiring, and delicious coffee can help to keep your energy levels up.

2. Over-excited children? Try the Arcade Bar and Café

As Fantasy Island is so fun, it can be difficult for parents to pry their children away from attractions to eat and drink. At the Arcade Bar and Café, children can enjoy arcade games and other facilities whilst their parents rest their feet and refuel. With a tasty breakfast and lunch menu, this establishment is open all day for gamers and fun lovers alike.

3. Enjoy fine dining? Pay a visit to The Olive Tree Courtyard

If it’s a moment of tranquil peace and quiet you are looking for, take a stroll into The Olive Tree Courtyard. With beautiful surroundings and an assortment of gorgeous Italian dishes to choose from, you will feel all the benefits of first-class dining without the steep bill at the end!

4. Looking for something local?

Mrs M’s Traditional Fish and Chips is for you As Skegness is a coastal town, we know how to do fish and chips right! At Mrs M’s Traditional Fish and Chips, you’ll find delicious fresh fish and chips made from locally farmed spuds. It’s a proper chippy, run by people who represent the family values our park is based on.

5. Feeling brave? Go for something spicy at Chicken by Chicken

If you like your food packed with flavour, make sure you pay a visit to Chicken by Chicken, an authentic Jamaican food shop when you want to take a break from enjoying rides and attractions. Families with little ones don’t need to worry, Chicken by Chicken also serve milder English dishes in addition to spicy meals, so there’s something for everyone!

6. Need to stay hydrated? Drink Cano Water

Whilst walking around Fantasy Island, it is important to stay hydrated, especially if you visit us during the sunnier spring or summer months. To ensure you and your family or friends stay hydrated, pick up a can of Cano Water. Cano Water is fresh natural spring water sold in recyclable cans with the aim of cutting down on plastic waste. This means you can dine at any of Fantasy Island’s eateries guilt-free!

7. Fancy a sweet treat? Try Gino’s

There’s no better way to end a day at Fantasy Island than with ice cream! Gino’s serves award-winning ice cream in a wide range of flavours. They also serve hot, fresh doughnuts that are perfect for sharing. You can also enjoy cakes and treats such as milkshakes at the House of Coffee, a friendly family-run cafe.

With so many food vendors and food outlets available, all foodies can fulfil their fantasies at Fantasy Island. So, tuck in!