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Have An Enchanting Experience With the Little Explorer Wristband

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Have An Enchanting Experience With the Little Explorer Wristband

Fantasy Island is designed to be fun for all of the family, but not all of our Skegness rides and attractions are suitable for our younger guests. To help with this, we’ve categorised our attractions using wristbands to make it easier to know what you can safely enjoy. In this post, we’ll learn how to have an enchanting experience with the Little Explorer wristband by looking at some of the best things to do in Skegness for Little Explorers!

What is the Little Explorer Wristband?

We have three different wristbands available at Fantasy Island, and the Little Explorer wristband is designed for our younger guests. What’s more, this wristband is completely free for any children under 0.9 metres tall! So, let’s look at some of the things that you can enjoy with your Little Explorer wristband:


The Seaquarium is a must-visit Skegness attraction for any water-lovers visiting Fantasy Island. This attraction takes you on a serene nautical adventure that features some of the fan favourites at Fantasy Island, including our famous Captain Rhombus! So set sail for a magical underwater world in the Seaquarium, where you’ll encounter some wild and weird creatures from the watery depths. Keep an eye out for some strange fish and crustaceans while you enjoy a leisurely musical voyage.

Toucan Tours

If you’re looking for an exotic adventure that takes you on a magical journey, look no further than Toucan Tours. This ride sees you and your group travel through a lost island temple where you’ll explore all of the unique sights on offer. You’ll move through dangerous volcanoes, and magical fountains and encounter mythical gods that protect and live on this majestic island. What’s more, there’s a secret found on this island – and it’s up to you to discover it!

The Balloon Ride

Embark on a high-flying journey on the Balloon Ride at Fantasy Island, where you’ll get to enjoy panoramic views of the pyramid beneath you. Be warned though, this ride isn’t for those of us with a fear of heights! It’s the perfect way to soak up the views around Fantasy Island as you’ll enjoy a relaxing trip on a hot air balloon. You’ll get to see what all of the other guests are up to down below – and you’ll get to enjoy a stunning view of the park from above.

The Jets

If the Balloon Ride at Fantasy Island was a little too relaxing for your tastes, why not hop on one of the Jets instead? Embrace your inner pilot and buckle up for a fun ride on one of the Jets – where you can take the helm and enjoy the wind in your hair! Guests can let their imaginations go wild as they take on the role of a pilot in a jet.

A family of four riding The Toucan Tours ride at Fantasy Island Theme Park, Ingoldmells