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How Little Explorers can have a great time at Fantasy Island

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How Little Explorers can have a great time at Fantasy Island

At Fantasy Island, we understand that not all rides are for everyone, that’s why we use wristbands to clearly show who can or can’t use any particular attraction. The Little Explorer wristband may keep children under 3 feet tall from rides such as the Volcano or the Mantis, but they can still have plenty of fun.

You don’t have to worry about anyone in the family missing out on our theme park in Skegness, even toddlers will have lots to smile about by the end of the day. Here’s how to guarantee your smallest child will enjoy their trip to Fantasy Island, no matter their age or height.

1. Take a ride on the Carousel

Young visitors love the carousel, partly because it has no height restrictions at all, but also because it offers a comfortable level of excitement. They never go too fast, but still get to imagine themselves riding a horse, or sitting in a carriage. Providing your child can hold onto something or sit in a seat, there should be no problems. The music is sure to conjure up an atmosphere of whimsical yet bombastic joy, adding to this colourful experience for the whole

2. Go on a Jungle Adventure

The Jungle Adventure offers a simulated safari fit for everyone, letting you journey upon a zebra across a track that takes you to visit a wide variety of animals, including pandas, hippos and elephants. This allows your Little Explorers to feel as though they are living up to the name – they can see how these varied creatures look and get a taste of what nature can offer. Your children will come away spellbound by the wonders of the animal kingdom.

3. Visit the deep blue sea

For a similar experience in a different setting, the Seaquarium lets your family embark on a wondrous musical journey, complete with a wide variety of fish and other seaborne creatures for the little ones to meet. They’ll explore the dark caverns in bamboo boats, filled with shipwrecks, light shows and mermaids; there’s even an oceanic orchestra playing catchy tunes. Whether your kids prefer the jungle, the sea or both, they’ll be happy with what Fantasy Island has to offer.

When planning a trip to a theme park Skegness based, there’s always the concern of if height limits will stop everyone from having an equally wonderful time. At Fantasy Island, you can be certain that children and adults, of all ages and sizes, will never find happiness in short supply, whether it’s on the rides or at the seven-day market. If you want to book a visit, then be sure to plan your trip and come on down to Fantasy Island in Skegness.