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How to Make The Most Out of The Seven Day Market at Fantasy Island

How to Make The Most Out of The Seven Day Market at Fantasy Island 1920 1063 Fantasy Island
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How to Make The Most Out of The Seven Day Market at Fantasy Island

If you’re planning a day out in Skegness that’s perfect for all the family, then why not visit Fantasy Island, the theme park in Ingoldmells that’s suitable for families of all ages? And if you’re planning on heading there any time between March and November, then you’re in luck. Every year, Fantasy Island hosts Europe’s largest seven day market. The seven-day market boasts many different stalls and brands and offers a fun day out strolling through the trading grounds. Read on for this guide to making the most out of the seven-day market at Fantasy Island.

Plan your route to Fantasy Island

Firstly, you’re going to want to plan ahead and this should start with planning your route and journey. Start by working backwards – what time do you want to leave? This will vary depending on if you’re staying for numerous days or just one. You can work out when you want to leave by deciding what time you want to be home, and how long it takes to get there. From this, you want to consider how much time you want at the market. How much do you plan to do? By working out how long you want to spend at Fantasy Island, you can take this as a way to see what time you need to be arriving there to make all of this possible. From this, you can work out the time you need to leave and account for any breaks. You should also take into account the market’s operational hours, which are between 10 am and 4 pm. Why not arrive at 10 to make the most of the day?

You then want to consider which route would be best. If it’s a long journey you may want to look for a route with service stations for stopping and resting. You may also want to look for alternative routes avoiding tolls or opt for scenic options if you’d prefer.

Plan your day at Fantasy Island

You then want to plan your day so you can make the most out of your time at the market. Read ahead and see which stalls are there that year and what traders you’d most like to see. Maybe you’re looking for clothes at our partner Designer Warehouse or want some outdoor decorative pieces from Shedloads. No matter what you prefer, it’s best to plan so that you can maximise the most out of your day and enjoy as many stalls as possible.

Having a look beforehand will allow you to filter your visit to one that is personal. It’ll allow you to prioritise your preferred stalls and create an organised inventory that will keep the whole family engaged and speak to their interests.

Top tip: Don’t spend too long looking at the food stalls, you’ll get so hungry seeing the tasty treats you’ll hardly be able to wait!

If you’re hoping to plan a trip to the seven-day market at Fantasy Island, visit our website. If you’re a trader wishing for a stall on the market, you can find more information here.