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Satisfy your sweet tooth at Fantasy Island!

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Fantasy Island! 1080 1080 Fantasy Island
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Satisfy your sweet tooth at Fantasy Island!

With over 40 different eateries dotted around our Skegness theme park, Fantasy Island – and Europe’s largest 7-day market – you’re really spoiled for choice when it comes to food options during your time here. If you’ve got a craving for something sweet while enjoying your time at Fantasy Island, this article is for you! We’re going to look at some of the best options to satisfy your sweet tooth at Fantasy Island.

Stop off at the Arcade Bar and Cafe

One of the most popular eating destinations across Fantasy Island is the Arcade Bar and Cafe. This destination blends entertainment and eating, so you can enjoy some fun games
like skee ball while also sampling the menu there.

There are lots to choose from on their menu, but if you’re looking for something sweet they offer an excellent selection of cakes and bakes. If you’re feeling something colourful and tasty, we recommend trying the rainbow cake. However, if you’ve got a big appetite and a sweet tooth, you can’t miss out on the decadent ‘Formidable Fudge Cake’ that they offer. Layers of thick, indulgent chocolate fudge make this cake a real slice of heaven for dessert lovers.

Head over to Ingoldmells Market

Another great destination for those of us with a sweet tooth is the Ingoldmells Market, which offers a huge array of stalls and food courts for you to explore. With over 320 stalls open 7 days a week, you’re bound to find something that will satisfy your sweet taste buds.

One of the best spots for a dose of sugar is the Chocolate Experience stall, which offers an indulgent assortment of sweet treats. Choose from a wide variety of delicious ice creams, treat yourself to a Shmoo Milkshake or grab a cookie from their stall. Or, if you’re feeling particularly luxurious, why not try one of their strawberries and marshmallows dipped in their chocolate fountain?

Another great sweetie destination during your time at Ingoldmells Market is the Fantasy Island Rock, Sweets & Souvenirs stall. If you’re looking for some classic amusement park sweeties, this is the place to be. Choose from a massive selection of sweeties at their pick-and-mix stand or pick up some delicious hand-crafted rock candy. They make an excellent gift, but they’re also a fantastic sweet treat for you to enjoy!

Fantasy Island offers many different food experiences, so if you’re in the mood for something sweet it won’t take too long to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether you’re
looking for an indulgent chocolate treat or some sugary goodness in the form of a milkshake, Fantasy Island has something for everyone.