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What is Fantasy Island’s Membership and Loyalty Scheme?

What is Fantasy Island’s Membership and Loyalty Scheme? 770 513 Fantasy Island
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What is Fantasy Island’s Membership and Loyalty Scheme?

Fantasy Island is one of the most popular things to do Skegness for families of all ages. If you visit us regularly, did you know that you could benefit from our amazing loyalty and membership scheme? Find out what it is, how to sign up and how it could benefit you by reading on.

What is Fantasy Island’s Membership and Loyalty Scheme?

Fantasy Island’s Membership and Loyalty Scheme is designed to give back to regular visitors of the amusement park. Simply put, the more you spend, the more you earn! With a membership, you receive points for every £1 spent at the park so that you can earn rewards just by enjoying the best Skegness attractions, playing in the arcade and having a blast with your family. This offers you great value for money when visiting Fantasy Island, and the best part is that signing up is completely free!

How do I sign up for Fantasy Island’s Membership and Loyalty Scheme?

To sign up, simply visit the app store on your phone, search for “Fantasy Island UK” and download the app. Next, create a Fantasy Island account or register your i-Card if you already have one. You can then use the app to load or top up your account so that you can buy your wristbands and play in the arcade.

How does it work?

Every time you use your i-Card at Fantasy Island, you earn points and build your membership. When you first sign up, £1 spent turns into 1 point. Then, once you have earned 200 points, your membership turns into a bronze membership, where your £1 goes even further towards earning more points. There are bronze, silver, gold and platinum memberships to earn, with each offering better perks and rewards.

What are the benefits?

You can convert your points into cash to spend at the park by visiting one of the onsite customer service advisors. This means that you can choose which rewards you want to spend your loyalty points on, making the most out of your membership. Choose from drinks, food deals, photo passes, hoodies and even full-day wristbands.

But that’s not all. The app sends members exclusive monthly and ad-hoc promotions depending on their membership status. Some examples of these promotions include doubling your points, receiving 25% off all wristbands, getting complimentary drinks or earning free games of bowling.

Download the app now to benefit from our fantastic Membership and Loyalty Scheme today and start earning points during your next visit to Fantasy Island!