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Your Guide to the Adventurer Wristband

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Your Guide to the Adventurer Wristband

Although Fantasy Island is fun for all of the family, not all of the Skegness attractions are suitable for our younger guests. To help make this easier, we’ve set up our rides by using a wristband system. This includes:

  • Little Explorer
  • Adventurer
  • Discovery

Guests receive wristbands based on their height to ensure their safety on attractions at Fantasy Island. In this article, we’re going to focus on the Adventurer wristband to let you know what rides and attractions are available for Fantasy Island’s Adventurer guests.

What rides are suitable for Adventurer wristbands?

The Adventurer wristband at Fantasy Island is available for all guests who are 0.9 metres tall or above. With this wristband, you’ll have full access to all of the attractions in the Adventurer and Little Explorer categories – although individual height restrictions may still apply. Below is a summary of the rides that are available at our theme park in Skegness:

Harrington Flint’s Island Adventures: Dive into an adventure that’s incredibly immersive, interactive and filled with adventure.

Tree Top Climb: Channel your inner Tarzan and try to make your way up to the top of the tree! Get an incredible view of the arcade below if you manage to navigate the Pyramid.

Log Flume: Enjoy a white-knuckle experience on the water that carries you to great heights before plunging you into the water below.

The Rhombus Rocket: Soak up a classic coaster experience on the Rhombus Rocket – a rocket-powered train that offers exceptional views of Fantasy Island.

Cuthbert the Crazy Caterpillar: Get a bug’s-eye-view of Fantasy Island on Cuthbert the Crazy Caterpillar, who will carry you on an unforgettable ride full of twists and turns!

Glowworm: Glowworm is a unique ride that blends rocking and whirling motions to create a unique, dizzying experience!

Bizzy Dizzy Beez: See what all of the buzz is about with the Bizzy Dizzy Beez – a fun ride that swings you through the air.

Jellikins: Hop aboard the Jelly Train and enjoy a trip with Strum, Bouncy, Denny, Pepper and Coral. This is a great coaster for younger guests!

Fantasia: Take control of your experience with Fantasia – where you can choose between riding a car, truck or bike to cruise around Fantasy Island in style.

Bouncing Bugs: This is an incredible, interactive ride for all of the family. Hop on the Bouncing Bugs and buckle up for a fun journey!

Chair-o-Planes: Enjoy a serene ride on the Chair-o-Planes that are bound to leave your head spinning! This is a fun ride that’s a great way to catch a breeze!

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