5 ways to have the best staycation

5 ways to have the best staycation 516 294 Fantasy Island

5 ways to have the best staycation

With some planning and preparation, we believe that your next staycation could be one of your favourite holidays yet! We’ve put together five ways to help you enjoy a staycation right here in the UK.

1. Make it a long weekend

Instead of trying to fit all your activities into two days, we suggest you make your staycation a ‘long weekend’ – from Thursday to Sunday or from Friday to Monday. By packing so many activities into two days, you could be left feeling overwhelmed and stressed, which is exactly how you shouldn’t feel during your time off. Adding an extra day or two to your long weekend will make the world of difference.

2. Take a day trip!

If you’re unable to get away for a long weekend, why not organise some day trips instead? There are some great theme parks like Fantasy Island and tourist attractions across the country which can be reached via car in a few hours. Just make sure to plan some car games and pack plenty of snacks to keep the kids occupied.

3. Plan your staycation

Don’t forget to plan your staycation as you would do any other holiday. We suggest you research the destination, make appropriate reservations in hotels and restaurants, and get all your chores done before you go so you can relax when you return.

For more on how to prepare for and plan your staycation, check out the following blog post: https://www.fantasyislandholidays.co.uk/blog/how-to-plan-your-staycation/

4. Don’t be afraid to break your usual routine

What do you like to do on holiday? Do you like to go to bed later, go out for dinner every night, skip your workouts or simply have a lie-in every day? Why not incorporate some of these habits into your staycation too? You’re sure to have a more relaxing and fun time if you don’t stick to a strict routine or schedule.

5. Take a break from social media

We can probably all agree that unplugging from social media is a must on holiday. There are so many things to do while you’re away, why would you want to even go on your Instagram or Twitter accounts? Remember, social media will still be there when you get back and you can even post some photos of your trip once you get home.

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