Let the Fun Continue!

Let the Fun Continue! 1001 1001 Fantasy Island

Let the Fun Continue!

Like so many others, at Fantasy Island, we had to temporarily shut our doors last week due to the outbreak of the contagious COVID-19 virus. The safety and wellbeing of our visitors and staff is our priority and we do hope you are keeping safe in these difficult times.

However, we are not ones to stop entertaining the kids, even under the recent closure!

We understand the pressures that may come from having your children off school, especially during such stressful circumstances, and whilst we’re heartbroken to no longer be sending them loopy on the loop-de-loops, rest-assured, Fantasy Fans, that we have a few tricks up our magicians’ sleeves.

We’re running fun-fuelled activities and challenges on our Facebook page, keeping families positive (and sane!) in order to get through this time together as a community. In the last few days already, we’ve shared everything from puppy pics to origami steps.

We’ve also shared on our Facebook page a grid of 11 Fantasy Fun Home Activities you can try. Why not treat it like bingo and let us know when you’ve completed them all? Share your proud achievements and hysterical antics with us using the hashtag #FantasyFun.

Ideas include building a mystical mountain den out of bedsheets and blankets or recreating our spectacular firework shows from glitter! (It’s best to do that one outside, kids, we’re trying to make your parents’ lives easier, not harder!).

You could even create a Fantasy Island scrapbook using all your past ride tickets and souvenirs (ah, happy memories!) or dress up as pirates all aboard the Sea Storm.

Check out our Facebook to get in on the Fantasy Fun.