Reasons to visit Fantasy Island on a weekday

Reasons to visit Fantasy Island on a weekday 1026 684 Fantasy Island

Reasons to visit Fantasy Island on a weekday

Fantasy Island is an immensely popular tourist attraction in Skegness over the summer – particularly in the summer holidays. However, if you can get the time off work and the kids have a day off school, it’s worth visiting outside the summer holidays, on a weekday if possible. Here are some reasons why you should try to visit Fantasy Island on a weekday!

The crowds are smaller

Most of our tourists visit in the school summer holidays, that’s true. But this means that the theme park is much less crowded out of the school holidays, especially on weekdays! Out of our peak times, you’ll have plenty of space to browse around the park at your own leisure. If you’re somebody who doesn’t do well with crowds, this is the perfect time for you to visit. You’ll also have the added benefits of being able to get onto all of the rides quickly and not having to queue up for lunch!

You’ll be more likely to get tickets

If you visit Fantasy Island outside of school holidays and on a weekday, chances are that you’ll be able to get tickets on your preferred day. As we mentioned, fewer people generally visit Fantasy Island out of peak times, ensuring that those who do visit can book for their required date! You’ll have a lot more freedom to choose when suits you, rather than have to plan your holiday around when tickets are available. You will also be at liberty to book just a day or two before, and not have to commit to plans too early on.

Our rides are all-season

Some people opt to visit Fantasy Island in the summer holidays because they think that’s when they’ll get the best weather. This isn’t always true – sometimes, days in May and June can be much nicer than July and August! However, for added peace of mind, most of our rides are all-season, so, whether you’re graced with a warm May day or drizzly June weather, you’ll still be able to find some perfect rides for the weather.

Whether you’ve got children who aren’t of school age, or your children have an inset day when other schools don’t, Fantasy Island is a great place to spend a day off! We’ve got plenty of rides for everybody, as well as food and entertainment – and weekdays are potentially the best days to enjoy it all and get the full Fantasy Island experience.

At the time of posting this blog, November 2020, the park is currently closed due to Government advice. Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for COVID19 updates.