Why a beach party at Fantasy Island is one you can’t miss

Why a beach party at Fantasy Island is one you can’t miss 510 383 Fantasy Island

Why a beach party at Fantasy Island is one you can’t miss

Is there ever a party that is not fun and enjoyable for you and your family? Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to answer that – you’ll be pleased to know that all parties here at Fantasy Island are 100% fun. Added bonus? We’ve got an exciting beach party coming up soon. Now, can anything beat a good old beach party at Fantasy Island? We know the right answer to this question (though, we may be biased) and we’re sure you do too!

If you’re planning a day out for you and your little ones in Lincolnshire, then save the date: Saturday 10th July. Why? You can enjoy our beach party for free – its tropical vibes, cocktails (for the adults of course), lasers and lights, and mesmerising fireworks display is one you cannot miss.

First, you’ll be able to enjoy our daytime activities, then by evening feel free to chill with your loved ones by our gorgeous fire-pits. If you just want to stop and take in the sound of the crashing waves, then we won’t stop you!

Our top rides

On the day of the beach party, you can still slip away and enjoy our iconic rides including the Rhombus Rocket, Log Flume, Spinning Racer, and Magic – we won’t give them all away though, so don’t forget to check them out! Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or you want gentle rides, we’ve got it all. And, we haven’t forgotten about your families either. If you’ve got young ones, then getting Little Explorer bands is the perfect way to go. Your child will have the most memorable experience that is safe and stress-free.

Tired after the beach party?

If you don’t want to take the train home after the beach party, or if you just don’t feel like driving back, or if you want to make it a weekend trip to Skegness instead of a day out, we’ve got you covered here at Fantasy Island. Not only do we offer amazing rides, but there’s accommodation available and plenty of holiday home packages for you to choose from. The prices? They’re completely affordable and we’re confident you’ll find something that fits in your budget and does not dent your bank balance.

A beach party at Fantasy Island is one you cannot miss! So, mark your calendars (Saturday 10th July in case it slipped your mind) and start planning for a day of tropical fun for you and your loved ones.