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Sergeant Stripes finds a new home

Sergeant Stripes finds a new home 1600 900 Fantasy Island
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Sergeant Stripes finds a new home

Fantasy Island Grants Christmas Wishes as Schoolboy’s Dream Ride Delivered to His Doorstep!

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas came early for Mikko Astle, the superfan of CBeebies’ Jolly Roger Sergeant Stripes’ ride! After noticing the ride was off duty during his last visit, Mikko’s father reached out to the award-winning theme park to see if they could make his dream come true.

And guess what?

Fantasy Island did more than that! They gifted Mikko the cherished ride, delivering it to his garden in Derby, where he lives with his family. Mikko (15), who has autism and a rare disorder called MPS1, now has his beloved ride at his grandma’s house, which he excitedly visits every day.

Fantasy Island, known for spreading joy, was moved by Mikko’s story and his love for the CBeebies character. So, they went above and beyond, making this heartfelt gesture that touched the Astle family deeply.

Mikko’s father, Steve Astle said, “Living with two special needs children can be tough, so the gesture was overwhelming. Mikko now has the ride at his grandma’s house and wants to go every day; he even has plans to refurbish it – it really has given him a project and a sense of purpose.”

Heidi Watson, spokesperson for Fantasy Island, expressed delight in making Mikko’s Christmas dream come true. “As a family-run business, Fantasy Island knows how much these little things can mean to the whole family. We’re proud to be able to put a smile on Mikko’s face, and we’re looking forward to his next visit to Fantasy Island.”

We’re all smiles here, too, knowing that Fantasy Island has brought magic and joy into Mikko’s life.

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