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The Beast

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The Beast

24th May 2018

In the midst of severe weather conditions brought in by #TheBeastFromTheEast – Fantasy Island have kept it light-hearted and up-spirited, reminding us all that it’s not all doom and gloom.

Conveniently in ownership of a thrill ride, fittingly named “The Beast”, (The Beast is an exciting, stomach churning experience! Spinning and twisting in every direction imaginable, this ride will leave you feeling totally disorientated.) Fantasy Island thought they’d have a little fun, and put together a short string of social media posts, teasing the #BeastFromTheEast, and most recently #StormEmma. The first of these light-hearted offerings was as follows;

“This coast ain’t big enough for the both of us… I’m number 1 around here!” Are you ready to experience the REAL #BeastFromTheEast this season?”

Fans of Fantasy Island reacted in good spirits, with some commenting their account of the weather and how it has affected them. The #BeastFromTheEast has since moved on from the East Coast, with the area now being subjected to the full force of #StormEmma. So, once again, Fantasy Island hit back with another playful take on events with the following post, which features a video of “The Beast”;

“I’m still standing! I told you I’m the REAL #BeastFromTheEast! Bring it on, #StormEmma!”

The post was again received well by fans, and even sparked one commenter to jokingly say: “I hope it clears by April 2nd as we’re on holiday there then”. It just goes to show that Fantasy Island’s take on the recent weather is shared by many; It’s not all doom and gloom.