10 reasons you should choose a caravan holiday for your next family reunion

10 reasons you should choose a caravan holiday for your next family reunion 514 685 Fantasy Island

10 reasons you should choose a caravan holiday for your next family reunion

At Fantasy Island, we know a thing or two about what makes the perfect family holiday, which is one of the reasons we won Best Holiday Park at the Tourism Excellence Awards in 2019.

We also know family reunions are high on the agenda this year, as everyone is so excited at the prospect of seeing their loved ones, and we know that caravan holidays and families are a match made in heaven. Here’s why:

1) They are perfect for multi-generational holidays

Multi-generational holidays are a travel trend for 2021: people want to make up for lost time with the elderly members of their family. Caravan holidays work for everyone, from the littlest ones to the grandparents.

2) Every family unit can have their own space

If you’ve got a big group made up of multiple family units that’s fine, as you can all have your own caravan, but you won’t be far from the rest of your group.

3) Everyone will be catered for

Whether a member of your family is in a wheelchair, or your baby needs a high-chair, we’ve got you covered.

4) You can treat it just like home

Caravans are basically little holiday homes, so you can bring your home comforts with you.

5) You’re not stuck at a caravan park – you can go out and explore!

Fantasy Island is in the heart of Skegness, and you’re welcome to go and enjoy the surrounding area.

6) It’s easier to get to than a holiday abroad

There’s no faffing around with airports and security, which is always a nightmare with big family groups – you can hop in a car, coach or train! Which gives you more time to make memories.

7) Do something different each day, without having to venture too far

There’s a multitude of things to do at Fantasy Island, from the theme park and the bowling alley to the restaurants and the market.

8) You can make it as inexpensive as you like

If you’re dying to go on holiday but you’re feeling financially strapped, the caravans are set up with kitchen and dining areas so you can cook your own meals together.

9) Rainy days and chilled nights aren’t boring

There’s plenty of room in the caravans for the family to get together and enjoy movie nights and games nights.

10) Family members can pick and choose what they do

Grandma and grandpa don’t have to go to the theme park, they could enjoy a day at the beach or shopping at the markets. Similarly, the kids don’t need to be dragged around the shops and can enjoy the rides instead.

A caravan holiday is the ideal way to reunite with the family, making memories somewhere you can all enjoy. There’s a reason Fantasy Island is an award-winning holiday park: we know exactly what brings families together, and how to give you the best holiday experience.