4 reasons to re-visit your favourite theme parks

4 reasons to re-visit your favourite theme parks 1026 684 Fantasy Island

4 reasons to re-visit your favourite theme parks

Visiting a theme park for the first time is an unforgettable experience. But how about visiting for the second time? And third, and fourth, and fifth…

It is actually an equally exciting thing to do, and there is no wonder so many people re-visit their favourite theme parks time and time again. Here are just four reasons to head back to a park you love!


Theme parks are often full of amazing memories, made with family or friends. Perhaps you visited as a young child, or for a special occasion such as a birthday. It may have formed part of a family holiday. Whatever your history with the park, returning creates a wonderful sense of nostalgia. You will reminisce on those times, recall things you have forgotten, and have the chance to re-live it all over again!

Re-ride your favourites

You will never forget the thrill of your favourite ride. You may have even ridden it several times on previous visits and re-riding it is probably something you have thought of many times. Riding for the first time is a trip into the unknown, but re-riding gives you a thrill from the very start. Even as you wait in line for your go, you will be full of excitement and adrenalin because you know what is coming next.

Try something new

As well as those rides you couldn’t get enough of, there will be the ones you didn’t experience before. Perhaps you were too young last time, too busy to get to it, or you ran out of time. It could even be a brand new attraction that wasn’t there when you last visited. Either way, re-visiting gives you the chance to catch up on the ones you missed, cementing new favourites and giving you a completely new experience – not to mention the chance to take many more hilarious photographs to add to your collection!

Share the experience

Returning gives you the chance to re-live your old memories, and create brand new ones. Share the experience with somebody who has never been before. You might want to invite your best friend or relative. Perhaps you’ve had children of your own and you are keen to share the excitement with them. Whatever your reason to come back, sharing these times make them all the more enjoyable.

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