5 things you need to bring for Fantasy Island’s summer fireworks

5 things you need to bring for Fantasy Island’s summer fireworks 750 879 Fantasy Island

5 things you need to bring for Fantasy Island’s summer fireworks

There are fireworks overhead and the kids are settled after a fun day out at our theme park. Can you picture it? Island Beach’s Celebration of Life firework display is a spectacle that you don’t want to miss this summer.

Here are five things we recommend bringing to get the most out of Fantasy Island’s firework events.

1. Sweets and treats

Treat yourself and the kids to an after-dinner treat and bring your own confectionery items to enjoy. There’s nothing better than feeding your excitement of the fireworks with a little bit of sugar.

Who knows, if your young ones have had a rollercoaster day (literally), they could do with a sugary pick-me-up to keep their eyes open!

2. Glow sticks

Our summer firework displays take place after sunset, so we recommend bringing some sort of light device to find your way around.

Glow sticks provide the light you need and are a great addition to any firework event – adding to the dancing colours in the sky!

3. Small change

There’s always something to look forward to at Fantasy Island, whether it be our amazing food options or games for the kids.

So you can experience these attractions as and when you want, bring some spare change so that you can put your post-display adrenaline into some serious arcade gaming.

4. A camera

Our firework displays are events you don’t want to miss – or forget! Bring a camera so you can relive this moment over and over again and to show the little ones who managed to fall asleep halfway through.

Even better, post your pics on social media and tag us!

5. A small jacket or blanket

As stated, our firework displays take place after sunset. Although we can’t get enough of the sunny weather, the likelihood is that you’re going to feel a slight chill at some point.

Make sure to bring a jacket for everyone in the family or a blanket that adds to the cosy experience.

Fantasy Island’s summer firework displays are amongst the top things to do in Skegness this year. They take place from the 14th of July to the 25th of August and are sure to wow everyone in the family. Oh, and they’re completely free!

For more information on our upcoming events, get in touch with us today.

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