5 ways to overcome a fear of rollercoasters

5 ways to overcome a fear of rollercoasters 1026 684 Fantasy Island

5 ways to overcome a fear of rollercoasters

Nothing quite beats the thrill and excitement of riding a rollercoaster! But understandably, these fast-flying, looping, dropping rides can take some courage to experience. If you are hoping to overcome your fear of rollercoasters, here are 5 tips to help.

Learn more about them

Knowledge and insight can help you look at things logically, so look up some information on rollercoasters. You will be able to prepare yourself, finding out what speeds and heights to expect. You will also learn about the intricate safety measures in place for all rides, which should help ease your worries. Looking up reviews is also helpful, as you will see how many people have ridden the coaster and enjoyed it.

Start small

Some people dive right in, starting with the biggest and fastest to get it over and done with. But if that’s not for you, then start small. Rollercoasters come in all sizes and with different thrill-factors, meaning you can choose rides you find less frightening first. Your enjoyment of these rides should fuel your desire to move onto bigger coasters, and this gradual increase means it is not as frightening.

Ride with a friend or relative

Like anything in life, riding rollercoasters is better with friends. There is undeniably something comforting about being close to a loved one when you are feeling nervous or anxious. Riding alongside a relative or one of your friends can really reduce those butterflies! You could ride with somebody confident, or even somebody who is nervous too, so you can share your success together.

Focus on the end result

When worried, try to focus more on the end result. Rollercoasters fuel adrenalin, meaning you will walk away from the ride full of excitement and pride in yourself for doing it. This feeling makes it so worth it! You will also make incredible memories which will stay with you forever.

Be kind to yourself

Most importantly of all, don’t bully yourself into riding. If you do, you will drain all the enjoyment from the activity and always associate it with negative feelings. If there is a ride you aren’t ready to face, don’t go on it. Remember, rollercoasters are supposed to be scary, and there is no shame in feeling that fear. Besides, if you don’t manage it, there is always next time!

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