Fantasy Island Skegness: three great reasons to visit this summer

Fantasy Island Skegness: three great reasons to visit this summer 200 200 Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island Skegness: three great reasons to visit this summer

12th December 2018

Fantasy Island makes for a magical summer for anyone thinking about things to do in Skegness. Small children can bounce away the day on soft play or jump aboard The Monkey Jump, whilst teens love to feel the thrill of adventure rides like The Beast! Adults enjoy relaxing over a coffee and browsing the shopping and leisure activities in the park.

Not only is the attraction easy to get to, but it is also a fabulous holiday destination in its own right. If you still need persuading, here are three more reasons to visit this summer:

Say goodbye to your fears!

Fantasy Island invites you to leave the humdrum at home and discover a whole new world of challenge and excitement. Whether you find speed scary, or go wobbly at the thought of heights, Fantasy Island offers the perfect antidote to your everyday life. A spinning drop, twist or turn might challenge you, but the sense of achievement and confidence you get from facing your fears and going on rides will help you conquer your fears. Take time out with the ones you love, challenge yourself, and create precious memories.

Live in the moment!

Ever get the feeling you are on a treadmill and can’t get off? Well this summer you can! Relax at the theme park, enjoy a cuppa, wander around the market stalls and leave the stresses and strains of work or home life behind you. Or, if excitement is more your thing, jump on The Odyssey. We read so much about ‘living in the moment’. Well, there’s nothing like a thrilling ride for a bit of reality! Feel your adrenaline begin to pump even as you wait to climb on board. Then, really let go and scream your worries away!

Lose weight!

Some visitors tell us they come to Fantasy Island for exercise! Seems odd? Not at all! The theme park is big, and a lot of walking is needed to make the most of the whole attraction. Plus, going on rides can burn calories, especially if they pump up your heart rate. Strange as it may sound, a day spent browsing, getting super-soaked on the log flume, or plummeting down a rollercoaster is actually good for your health! It can even help you shed those pounds!

So, if you are planning days out in Lincolnshire this summer, choose Skegness and discover Fantasy Island!