Fantasy Island: The perfect school trip

Fantasy Island: The perfect school trip 510 383 Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island: The perfect school trip

Organising a school trip but can’t decide where to take the students? We’ve got you covered. Fantasy Island has everything to keep the kids occupied! The Fantasy Island theme park is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a memorable school trip and fun things to do in Skegness.

What makes Fantasy Island so great for school trips?

Three things all kids love: fun rides, entertainment centres and lots of chocolate ice cream. We’ve got it all – and more!

Fantasy Island is an extremely popular funfair in England. It’s full of fun, entertainment and excitement, making it the ideal place for school trips.

Rides suitable for all age groups

Luckily, there is an array of different rides on offer at Fantasy Island, so there’s something suitable for kids of all age groups. We’ve made sure we’ve catered for everyone.

The thrilling Rhombus Rocket and Millennium rides are designed for older kids, but there’s also plenty of rides for younger age groups, such as the Seaquarium ride and the Log Flume. You’ll find a good mix of high-speed, exhilarating rides as well as slower, more adventure-based rides.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Our entertainment activities will also keep the kids busy. You can expect everything from arcades and adventure golf to go-karting and ten pin bowling. What’s not to love?

A safe space for your students

Our main priority (other than making sure you have a day packed full of fun) is to ensure everyone’s kept safe at our theme park.

To ensure everyone’s safety, our rides are well-maintained and we’ve also put in place height restrictions for our rides. We take our health and safety measures seriously, so you can rest assured that Fantasy Island is a safe choice for a school trip. Enjoy the Skegness attractions with no stress!

Teachers, we’ve got you covered too…

We’ve not forgotten about you, teachers! You can keep an eye on the students whilst putting your feet up and having a bite to eat. Grab a coffee and a tasty snack at one of our restaurants or cafes. There are more than 40 cafes/restaurants to choose from, so there’s something for everyone, including the teachers, the kids and the fussy eaters!

What better way to reward the school kids after a long term of hard work than a fun day out in Skegness and a trip to Fantasy Island?