Have a Fun Day Out At Fantasy Island

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Have a Fun Day Out At Fantasy Island

18th June 2018

Whether you’re looking for a great value getaway or you’re looking to stay on solid ground this summer, the concept of day trips in the UK has no doubt already crossed your mind. But when it comes to serious ramping up the nostalgia factor of seaside holidays with added adventure, there’s no better place to visit than the exciting, appealing and no doubt thrilling Fantasy Island.

Bringing British holidays back into fashion

While it may be tempting to go jet-setting for your next holiday with the kids, when it comes to the UK there’s more than you’d ever think to do. Skegness is one of those fantastic UK holiday destinations that is once more building in popularity thanks to exciting attractions like those available at Fantasy Land, providing countless hours of entertainment to children since its opening in 1995.

Combine the excitement of the fairground with the appeal of a British seaside, complete with fish and chips and sticks of rock, and the retro British holiday is back in fashion, enchanting a whole new generation of children without ever leaving the country. Why choose expensive resorts when you can get it all here?

Enjoy a nostalgic day out

Fantasy Island is a large part of the appeal of Skegness, providing a nostalgic fairground space complete with countless exciting rides for all ages, plus the addition of fun water rides and even areas specifically designed for even the smallest of explorers, to ensure that the whole family enjoys a memorable day out. Bowling, golf and even go-karts further add to the classic British day out, providing plenty to do for a multiple-day visit.

No matter what your tastes, choosing to visit Fantasy Island fulfils the needs of the whole family, in a way that an overseas holiday just can’t. If action-packed adventure and wearing out the kids by the end of the day is more your style, then Fantasy Island might just be the best fit for you. There’s nothing more nostalgic than the British seaside – and Fantasy Island only serves to enhance that feeling.

With a wide variety of attractions, rides and more, Fantasy Island is the cherry on top of the Skegness seaside. Book your tickets online today.