Having fun while social distancing at Fantasy Island

Having fun while social distancing at Fantasy Island 1024 768 Fantasy Island

Having fun while social distancing at Fantasy Island

With people slowly returning to the ‘new normal’, it also means that the family will need some form of entertainment and what better place to visit than Fantasy Island? As holidaying overseas looks unlikely with all the quarantine measures in place as well as many people reluctant to be in an enclosed space such as an aeroplane, day trips in the UK seem to be the answer. Fantasy Island has social distancing rules in place as well as strict cleaning procedures so you can keep safe while having a fun family day out.

Socially distanced rides

To make sure we keep everyone safe, Fantasy Island has introduced two riding sessions and if you want to gain access to the attractions, pre-booking wristbands will ensure you don’t miss out. There are three categories when it comes to the rides; Explorer, Adventurer and Discovery. For the little ones, Seaquarium will fill their hearts with joy as they sail around with Captain Rhombus, gazing at colourful fish and marvellous crustaceans. For those who are a little bigger, the Log Flume will have you twist your way to the top before plunging into the water below at exciting speeds. Discovery is for those who are seeking adrenaline thrills on high-speed rides. The Millennium will soar around the park while doing hair-raising speeds and features two loops to make sure your adrenaline is really pumping.

The Market

Social distancing measures have been put in place, with floor markings and one-way systems to help keep everyone safe while in the market. Fantasy Island is proud to say that it is home to Europe’s largest seven-day market which has over 320 stores with everything in it, from microwaves to designer clothes. The market has many eateries serving delicious food so you’ll never get hungry when browsing and buying.

Indoor entertainment

While in the family entertainment centre, the social distancing rules are still in place with everything being wiped down regularly and as long as you keep a safe distance away from other families, you can have some fun without worrying about close contact. From traditional arcade games to those with up-to-date technology, all ages will find something to entertain themselves with.

For more information in relation to Fantasy Island and the social distancing measures in place, visit our website today. Additionally, make sure you remember to buy wristbands as to not miss out on the attractions.