The nine best rides at Fantasy Island

The nine best rides at Fantasy Island 2048 1365 Fantasy Island

The nine best rides at Fantasy Island

It’s the location of some of the best days out in Lincolnshire: Fantasy Island has everything that you could possibly want in a theme park. Whether it’s delicious food or fun-filled rides for all ages, the park will make your day trip in the UK your greatest one yet. So if you’re trying to find things to do in Skegness once social distancing has been lifted, be sure to visit Fantasy Island and try out one of these nine unforgettable rides.

  1. Rhombus Rocket

Join Captain Rhombus on his rocket-powered train! Soar above the rides and attractions around the park!

  1. Millennium Ride

Another thrilling rollercoaster, this infamous ride will take you around all of Fantasy Island at lightning-fast speeds. Reach heights of 150 feet, zipping along at nearly 60 miles per hour as you see all the Island has to offer.

  1. Log Flume

You might get a little wet, but that’s all part of the fun on this water-based ride.

  1. Magic

Want to experience the magic? This ride is full of twists and turns, and by the end, you’ll barely know up from down.

  1. Twister

Fantasy Island may technically be a theme park, but you can also experience a taste of life at the funfair with the classic Twister. Guests have ridden on this windmill for years, and they keep coming back for more.

  1. Seaquarium Ride

Fans of all things under-the-sea will enjoy this cruise with Captain Rhombus. Set to some seafaring music, you’ll see a range of underwater specimens, fit for the whole family.

  1. Jellikins Ride

Kids love this mild rollercoaster, where the Jelly Train takes you on a tour of the Jolly Jelly World of Strum, Bouncy, Denny, Pepper and Coral.

  1. Dodgems; Big and Mini

These little cars are a theme park classic for all ages. Zoom around in your personal vehicle, being sure to avoid crashing into anyone – or do your best to push people out of your way!

  1. Techno Jump

It bounces, it spins, and, yes, it jumps. Hold onto your hats on this exciting, air-bound ride.

Enjoy the cream of the crop of exhilarating rides at Fantasy Island, Skegness!