Take on the Millennium Rollercoaster

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Take on the Millennium Rollercoaster

If you are planning a day out in Lincolnshire, look no further than Fantasy Island, a vibrant theme park jam-packed with rides, attractions, food and drink – and also home to the epic Millennium rollercoaster.

The Millennium is a thrilling and hair-raising experience that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Let’s find out more about this star attraction to see if you have what it takes to take on the unmissable Millennium.

Key stats

This coaster offers incredible views, running right around the whole park.

It whizzes you along at speeds of almost 60 miles an hour, putting it firmly in the top 10 fastest rollercoasters in the UK.

Millennium soars to 150ft above the funfair, coming in as the 4th highest rollercoaster in the country.

When it opened, the coaster was Fantasy Island’s first “Extreme Thrill Ride”.


The Millennium has been the main attraction at the park for over 20 years. It first opened in May 1999 to mark the turn of the new Millennium.

It has always been eye-catching as well as eye-popping. It was first painted in Fantasy Island’s signature yellow and red colours but was recently treated to a makeover. It now stands proudly in shocking pink and bright green. You can’t miss it on your visit.

The track

On your ride, you can expect two exhilarating vertical loops, one near the start and one towards the end of your wild ride. You may not even be able to catch your breath in time to scream as you are flipped upside-down.

There is also a side-winder section of track which will throw your head into a spin. Hold on tight as the Millennium disorientates and delights.

And the Millennium is not only stomach-flipping for its passengers. One section of the ride skims just above head-height for other visitors, often taking them by surprise as they enjoy their day at the funfair.

It’s a must-try for all daredevils and thrill-seekers and also a fun first coaster for kids.

Fun fact

The coaster was once even ridden for charity by a man who went around 140 times over two days, raising £500!

The Millennium is one of the most exciting things to do in Skegness, so make your sunny family day trip in the UK unforgettable and pay Fantasy Island a visit.

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