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The top 4 attractions for older children at Fantasy Island

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The top 4 attractions for older children at Fantasy Island

If you’re looking for an exciting day out in Skegness with your older children, look no further than Fantasy Island. There’s fun and adventure for children of all ages at the most popular amusement park in Lincolnshire!

How do I know which rides are suitable for older children?

Our rides and attractions at Fantasy Island are broken down into three different categories based on their suitability for children of different ages. For example, the attractions suitable for younger children are the ‘Little Explorer’ and ‘Adventurer’ attractions. These rides are designed for children above 0.8m and below 1.1m. Older children who visit Fantasy Island will be given ‘Discovery’ wristbands and will have access to some of our largest attractions and rollercoasters if they are between the heights of 1.1m and 1.5m.

Top 4 attractions

Here we will list the most exciting attractions designed for older children that we have at Fantasy Island! We make sure that the big kids get their fair share of thrills with these attractions:

1. The Guardian

Coming to Fantasy Island soon is The Guardian! Enjoy one of our most exhilarating attractions and embark on a quest to save the kingdom. This totally immersive ride is sure to thrill, excite and give you the opportunity to feel like a courageous and heroic knight ready to tackle this exciting adventure.

  • Minimum height: 1.4m
  • Maximum height: 1.95m
  • i-card price: £6

2. The Odyssey

One of the most popular attractions at Fantasy Island, The Odyssey is a thrilling coaster that is sure to take you to new heights! Take in the wonderful view as you soar through the sky at an adrenaline-rushing speed! This ride is for the brave ones who aren’t scared of anything. Standing at 167ft high, with a 124ft vertical loop, The Odyssey is a must-ride for those who love a thrill.

  • Minimum height: 1.3m
  • i-card price: £5

3. The Volcano

Are you looking for a gripping, hair-raising attraction? The Volcano is sure to thrill you! This attraction stands at 183ft tall and builds up the suspense with a heart-crushing drop at 50mph.

  • Minimum height: 1.4m
  • i-card price: £5

4. The Millennium

Do you love rollercoasters? Our famous Millennium rollercoaster lets you take a sky-high tour of the entire amusement park. With 2 vertical loops and travelling at a high speed of 55.9mph, The Millennium is a Fantasy Island icon.

  • Minimum height: 1.4m (anyone under this height must be accompanied by an adult)
  • i-card price: £5

If you’re feeling brave enough, you can explore all of these larger attractions during your visit to Fantasy Island, where you’re sure to make lasting memories with all the family! Find out more about our amazing attractions and what we have on offer for a great day out at Fantasy Island.