Top 5 rides you have to go on at Fantasy Island

Top 5 rides you have to go on at Fantasy Island 960 640 Fantasy Island

Top 5 rides you have to go on at Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island is one of the best days out in Lincolnshire. Which is why you have to make the most of the day when you come! To help with this, here are our top 5 rides that we think everyone should enjoy while visiting us! Don’t forget that our rides are split into 3 different categories:

Discovery – for the older thrill-seekers

Adventure – for family-friendly rides

Little Explorer – perfect for your little ones. The best part about the Little Explorer is that the wristband is completely FREE!

You can use these categories to help plan your day so you and your family get the most out of the time.

Top 5 rides at Fantasy Island

1. Rhombus Rocket

The Rhombus Rocket at Fantasy Island is number 1 on the list. Join Captain Rhombus on his rocket-powered train! Probably one of the most popular rides because it is so family-friendly! As part of the Adventure category, your little ones can start to enjoy the bigger rides!

2. The Millennium

Coming in at number 2 is the Millennium! With a top speed of 55.9mph and 2 vertical loops and a sidewinder, there are no questions why this is up there with the top rides! As part of our Discovery category, you will need to be 1.2m to ride this favourite, but you will need to be with an adult. You can ride the Millennium alone if you are over 1.4m.

3. Log Flume

Who doesn’t like getting a little damp on a sunny day while enjoying the log flume! No surprises here that it is number 3 on our list! As it is a family favourite, this ride is part of the Adventure category so most of the family can enjoy it!

4. Magic

Number 4 on our top rides you have to go on at Fantasy Island is Magic. With all its twists and turns this ride will leave you wondering which way is left and right when you get off! Packed with action, this ride is for those looking for a spin in the Discovery category.

5. The Seaquarium

Last but by no means least on the top 5 rides you have to go on at Fantasy Island is the Seaquarium which is part of the Explorer category. This mini boat trip explores specimens strange and silly, from fabulous fish to crazy crustaceans on this musical family voyage. It is fun for everyone and is a great introduction for your little one’s first adventure at Fantasy Island.

Do you agree with our recommendations for the top 5 rides as Fantasy Island? We would love to know what rides your family love.