Visit Fantasy Island this May Bank Holiday

Visit Fantasy Island this May Bank Holiday 1025 712 Fantasy Island

Visit Fantasy Island this May Bank Holiday

The May Bank Holiday might seem far away, but it will be here in no time and then you’ll have the task of keeping the kids busy. One of the best ways to do this is a day-trip out somewhere, and Fantasy Island is one of the most enjoyable days out in Lincolnshire. Listed below are a few things you can expect when you arrive there.


For the smaller ones, there are plenty of things to do, with one of these being the Log Flume. Twist your way up to the very top before plunging into the water below at impressive speeds. Another ride to enjoy is Jellikins, as this rollercoaster is perfect for the smaller kids to experience while they join Coral, Pepper, Denny and Bouncy on their Jelly Train.


The dodgems are a classic funfair ride providing heaps of fun for many kids. Strap yourself into a car, wait for the buzzer and then set off for a fun dodgem ride. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, the Millennium is the perfect ride. Fly around the park on a high-speed coaster which features two loops and a sidewinder.

Family Entertainment Centre/Ten Pin Bowling

Fantasy Island’s Family Entertainment Centre is an all-weather attraction, filled with old-school classics and modern amusements with the latest technology. Ten Pin Bowling is great for challenging your family, can you get a strike? Fantasy Island is also the first organisation outside America to have Projection-Mapping VIP Lane Technology.

The Market

Fantasy Island is home to Europe’s largest seven-day market, and there’s something for everyone. If you’re in need of new sports equipment or wish to update your wardrobe ready for summer, you’ll find over 320 stores selling items for fantastic prices. If someone requires WiFi, Fantasy Island has it so everyone will still feel connected, even when out for the day.

So, for this May Bank Holiday, visit Fantasy Island where the kids are sure to have a fun-filled day out. For special offers and more information, contact us today, either by phone or email or visit our website.