What does a trip to Skegness have to offer?

What does a trip to Skegness have to offer? 1024 768 Fantasy Island

What does a trip to Skegness have to offer?

A trip to Skegness has a lot to offer, including plenty of activities for the whole family, but it wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Fantasy Island, a premier theme park showcasing the very best of the Lincolnshire coast. So without further ado, let’s have a quick look at the exhilarating opportunities available at Fantasy Island.

Family thrills

Are you concerned that the thrills on offer won’t cater to the whole family? At Fantasy Island, we offer height tiered rides to ensure all ages can get involved; the free ‘Explorer’ rides allow children under 0.9 metres to fully experience the thrills of a theme park, with ‘Adventurer’ and ‘Discovery’ options tailored more towards the older members of the family. Overall, Family Island is an inclusive day out in Skegness.

Our prized attractions

Rhombus Rocket

A favourite amongst kids and adults alike, this traditional train-themed rollercoaster is theme-park royalty. A can’t miss for any no-care, hands in the air fanatic, the Rhombus Rocket flies above the park, offering impressive views of the surrounding rides and attractions.

The Dodgems

No fun-filled visit to Fantasy Island, or even Skegness for that matter, would be complete without paying homage to the famous Dodgems. A popular staple here in Skegness, the dodgems bring together even the most reserved theme-park visitors for a short release of bumps and bounces. So hop in, get ready, and watch out!

The Seaquarium

A relaxing break from the constant thrills of the outside world, take a journey with Captain Rhombus and discover the wide wonders of the ocean. A marvellous journey filled with silliness and curiosity, this is a ride for the whole family to enjoy.

Techno Jump

If you’ve ever been to a theme park or fun-fair, the likelihood is you’re familiar with the crazed mechanical arms of the Techno Jump. One of the most popular rides at Fantasy Island (but maybe not one for the weak-stomachs), Techno Jump frantically flings riders into the air in a fantastical 3-person experience.

These rides make up a small fraction of the thrills on offer at Fantasy Island. Providing excitement for all ages, Fantasy Island should be top of the agenda when looking for things to do in Skegness.

At the time of posting this blog, November 2020, the park is currently closed due to Government advice. Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for COVID19 updates.